If we are uncertain of our right, or we don’t think we have the last say on what we do, take a look at these videos. You may be surprised to know that you still do have a legal say over your own personal values and wishes and what, officially still requires your consent according to constitutional law.

And in case you are unaware Constitutional law is where the ‘Buck Stops.’

In other words, if the State laws are at loggerheads with the Constitutional law the constitutional law has precedence. 

Actually,  if we are alert enough and willing to stand up for our rights, there is a lot we can have control over.

Below are some videos provided by different sources that may be helpful to you. And we hope will empower people to take control of their situations and  to not be faint hearted thinking there is nothing you can do about situations.

Reignite Democracy Australia – NSW

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What authority does the Government really have over us

A post on Rreignite Democracy’s Facebook page.

aws that work for us and take precedency over our state laws

The Bio Security Act  – A success story!

It is not a huge, but sometimes it is the little things that spurt us on and encourage us to stand up for our rights


Who pays compensation if a COVID-19 vaccine has rare side-effects? Here’s the little we know about Australia’s new deal

If you have side effects from the Covid vaccine like rashes, inflammation, infection, heart issues, anaphylaxis shock or even death, will you be compensated?  It is unlikely according to this report below.

Hypothetically speaking, if someone suffers a rare condition from the vaccine, meaning there may be only 5-10 cases of say, anaphylaxis shock, or 5-10 deaths, may be compensation would be available. But if either became more common occurrences, it’s possible then, that they would not be considered rare, therefore there may not be any grounds for compensation. Just suggesting one of the many possible  loopholes that could be put forward.  Check the link below.


Vaccine suppliers given indemnity for ‘inevitable’ side effects


Government indemnities
In the 2020-21 Budget Papers, the Australian Government announced that it has provided an indemnity to Oxford University/AstraZeneca, ‘covering certain liabilities that could result from the use of the vaccine’[3]. However, it is unclear what this indemnity deal means in practice. The Government has provided similar deals to certain pharmaceutical companies that manufacture small pox and influenza vaccines for Australia[4]. More info in the link below…..                                   https://hallandwilcox.com.au/thinking/health-community-law-alert-liability-issues-with-covid-19-and-covid-19-vaccines-who-should-be-responsible-for-adverse-events/

Hope this information has been helpful.

Read carefully and take care.  The Lord be with you.

Submitted by Yvonne Gentle.

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