What is happening to our world?

Our world is falling down that slippery slide like there is no speed limit.

It isn’t a gradual fall anymore. Our western society has become very brazen with seemingly no conscience of what is right or wrong. The Elite and the rich and powerful manipulate governments and power-hungry individuals/politicians to obtain their goals.

If what they consider in their own eyes is advantageous to their needs, then that’s what they go for.  And the really sad situation is, the powers that be do not care who they trample over, whose lives are destroyed or what economy’s they ruin in the process.

People in positions of high office or honour  used to mean someone you could trust or regard highly, people you could respect. Now it seems we can’t believe in people as we once did, for those we once considered trustworthy and honourable have now become some of the most despicable people and professions of our western societies.

We can’t share our thoughts on Social Media anymore!

If we feel strongly about our views or if we have researched a topic and wish to share our findings, often we can’t put it on our social media page unless our social media outlet agrees with us.  The excuse is, it is false information. However, this has been shown time and time again that what these social media giants claim is false information is policed by their own fact checkers, which have been shown to either lie or not bother to find out whether the claim is factual if they don’t like the narrative.

Please check out this link below.




This, they say will be the Saviour of our world!  Because if we give it all over to them, they will look after us and we will not need to worry about anything. Right! That really makes sense, I’m sure.   ???

Oh! And not to mention, Agenda 30 – That plan is: – reduce world population to around 500,000,000 by 2030. That is about 1/16th of what it is now. THINK about that.  Why would they be trying to save lives by using and backing vaccines to stop the world from getting COVID when their plan drastically reduce the masses by 2030, and have a nice little doable population of around 500,000,000.

SIMPLE ANSWER: they aren’t.  If you are committed to reducing the world’s population you wouldn’t be backing anything that would do the opposite, would you?  If you do your research, you will discover that they are backing the vaccine so it will reduce the world population.

The plan is to reduce fertility, and I believe, cause endless other issues that will shorten your life span.

And where will the wealth of the world go when that happens? Well, I will let you work that out.

When you see it starting to happen, just remember, we warned you.

My hope is that our real saviour will return by then to set up His just, honest, and true economy, where real social justice prevails.

COME LORD JESUS! (Yeshua the true Messiah)

Please watch this it is good information. Click on the link


Another interesting  video is this one below –

The stolen Election . But here we have quite a different angle.

All I can say is, you cannot rule anything out. We just have such a corrupt society now.

Please stay alert and pray – watch this video and check out the info for yourselves. It is our hope that people will not be deceived in these current times, because there is a saying that goes … The Only thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that  Good Men Do Nothing.


Submitted by Yvonne Gentle

Posted on February 6, 2021 in Uncategorized

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