What do we seriously know about Child trafficking? And the normalization of paedophilia in our society.

You probably are not aware of what is happening, even in our own neighborhoods. Below we have an informative video of just what is going on behind closed doors.

Warning: This video may shock you!

You may have heard the rumblings in the media that pedophiles want to be recognized for their sexual orientation, that is their desire to have sexual relations with children. It doesn’t matter about the abuse to a young child or a minor as long as their urges are satisfied, and they get the recognition that this is a ‘normal and acceptable’ sexual act.

Can you believe it is actually the topic for debate at present: I have enclosed this insert from, the ‘Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Online’ – June 2020.

J. Paul Fedoroff

To think that it is even at this point of discussion is alarming.

Child trafficking occurs when children are taken away from safety and exploited, usually for forced labour or sex. It affects every country in the world. In this video a Christian worship artist, Ilonka Deaton details the years she was caught in sexual slavery, constantly raped, and trafficked by a trusted associate beginning at age 12.  …   And they want to debate whether this is normal???

 Please click on the link to watch.

Below is a website put up by the QLD Govt. which could be helpful in alerting us to the signs of paedophilia around us and how we can help to protect our children.


Written by:  Yvonne Gentle.

Posted on October 13, 2020 in Uncategorized

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