Vaccine confusion!

Recently there has been much controversy regarding the ‘Jab rollout’ There is public fear, not about getting the virus but about getting our lives back to what we are told will be normal.

That is: will we ever be able to… Resume traveling overseas and interstate; entertain at home; have events like Weddings, 21st birthday parties, etc, without the fear that all our plans will be canceled; attend sporting events; work without being forced to be vaccinated, and live without the mask.

Every day there seem to be changes to what we can and can’t do.

We don’t know what the government is going to come up with next, and it seems neither does the government, as they argue over what vaccines are available and for what age group they are best for.

Then there are the threats of mandatory vaccinations for some professions; vaccine passports and required Covid-19 testing is constantly in our faces.
And for what?

We have only had one Covid-19 death this year out of a 26-mil population. However, we have had  335 who have died not long after receiving the Covid-19 needle, and there have been nearly 34,000 adverse effects, (it is all on the TGA website)

Most of the Media are not reporting the real events and the destruction caused by the pandemic. That is the one we are having when we are not actually having a pandemic, yet it is causing a great deal of confusion.

The Hitler / Nazi strategy was…

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, This was a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi, Joseph Goebbels. Among psychologists, something like this is known as the “illusion of truth” effect. 

Bearing this in mind, it is left to social media and some brave media outlets like Sky News and Cairns News to speak out against this illusion of the ‘Truth’.

Many health experts, scientists, immunologists, and even Nobel Prize winners who have a different opinion to the official narrative are ostracised and even delicensed for speaking out, giving their expert advice and knowledge. Yet because of their convictions, they push on regardless of the consequences because they have an urgent message which needs to be delivered to whoever will listen.

People lining up “like lambs to the slaughter” in the Melbourne CBD

The TGA website reports 33,807 adverse effects from the vaccine up to June 27, 2021(AEFI reports)
And they have received and reviewed 335 reports of death to people who have recently been vaccinated. It also reports the official govt. response, which claims only 2 of these cases are deaths due to the injection. It does not comment on what they consider the other deaths may be due to, but it does issue the following warning, …

“People should seek immediate medical attention if they develop any of the following symptoms after vaccination:

  • — Severe or persistent headache or blurred vision
  • — Shortness of breath, chest pain, leg swelling or persistent abdominal pain
  • — Unusual skin bruising, and/or pinpoint round spots beyond the site of vaccination.

The most common time period for the onset of TTS symptoms is 4–30 days after vaccination”.

Well, what about the deaths that occurred in that time period??

Why is the Media not reporting this? 1 covid-19 death this year, but 335 dies just after receiving the Covid-19 injection – to June 27th.

(1 Australian Covid-19 death this year, on 13th of April )

In a Clive Palmer media release letter, below in yellow, WE WANT ANSWERS, [released at the end of May 2021] to the TGA regarding the deaths reported after the “Jab ” he sums it up perfectly! Please take into account though, that the stats have changed since he wrote the letter.

But we do agree with Clive’s, open letter, WE DO WANT ANSWERS!

Clive Palmer is also one of the brave Australians who has put his money where his mouth is, and actually bought enough medication of a perfectly safe drug that has been approved for use with Malaria and other illness’ for over 60 years. His intention was that the Australian public would not be without a drug that was having a good success rate at combatting that disease. Many Americans were being prescribed it by their physicians for Covid-19 with excellent results of recovery. Yet the powers that be came down on these doctors, saying there had not been enough trials done with this drug for Covid -19. The trials they did do were administering much higher doses than normally given, and it was reported that this procedure was unsafe. DURR!! Why didn’t they use the lesser, normal, and safe dose ???
This drug is Hydroxychloroquine! Some Doctors were reported as losing their license to practice because they prescribed this safe, extensively used medication, even though their patients recovered from Covid.

Clive Palmer has bought 30 million doses of an anti-malaria drug to fight COVID-19.  But experts warn this may not be the cure-all.

Below are some of the voices in Australia that are speaking out regarding the confusion and the unnecessary measures being taken by our governments and they are also warning us about the risks involved in taking the vaccine/injection.

Alan Jones: Sky News

Darren Dixson speaking on our Constitutional guarantee.

Cairns News Reports on Bill Gates infiltration into Qld with proposed deals for an easy Covid -19 vaccines. – He does not seem to miss an opportunity. The headline says…

“Bill Gates and WHO go into partnership with Queensland Labor Party to supply needle-less vaccines for Covid rounds two, three, four………”

This implies the vaccines are not going to stop, once this round is over there will be a reason to have another injection and another …

The TGA website gives weekly updates on what is happening with COVID-19 including how many have died after recently receiving the vaccine, and the adverse effects recorded to date, and in any given week.

On the Safe Work Australia website, regarding Work Health and Safety(WHS) laws, I found this info (below) and a lot of other interesting information: Re expected work safe practices at our places of employment. We actually don’t have to be vaccinated!  – from their website ….

“How COVID-19 vaccines work

The COVID-19 vaccines will help protect people by either preventing or reducing symptoms of COVID-19 in the person who has received the vaccine. At this stage, it is too early to tell if the COVID-19 vaccines will stop a vaccinated person from being infected with the virus. This means that a vaccinated person may unknowingly carry and spread the virus to others around them, including workers and others in their workplace. For this reason, you must continue to apply all reasonably practicable control measures.

For more information on how the COVID-19 vaccines work, go to the Department of Health website.

Ok then,  if we still must continue with the masks, social distancing, gathering controls, etc., etc. why would we risk having an injection that has not passed the test of time?

Well, we already know vaccinated people have contracted COVID-19.(Channel 9 News). At least three vaccinated people in a Sydney nursing home were reported recently to have contracted covid. There are also other reports coming out where vaccinated people have caught the disease. 

We already know that 335 Australians have died this year after receiving the Jab. And there have been some 33,800 plus adverse effects reported. (TGA website – 27 June) 

However, out of 26 million, there has been only one death in Australia this year due to Covid-19. That was on April 13th (Covid info website)

Why then, take a DNA altering injection, which overworks our immune system, potentially causing autoimmune reactions (already reported) risking unknown health issues and possibly death. When all we must to do, is practice Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws, which we are expected to keep up anyway? I hope this is a question that will make us think more about this issue and do further investigation into the dangers of taking the jab.

Alarm around the world Fox news reports about what is happening in Israel and the U S.

Finally, I would like to close with this very informed immunologist and hero as far as her personal sacrifice to COVID awareness goes, in endeavoring to put the truth out to we, the people

Dr. Judy Mikovits speaks with conviction – if only people will listen!      

Clive Palmer’s Open Letter

Written by Yvonne Gentle

Posted on July 6, 2021 in Uncategorized

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