Just imagine you’re working away at your home office computer, happy in the thought you have avoided the wasted hours and fuel costs of a car in traffic on the way to the office, you have achieved the right home life-work balance, enjoying the intermittent and present company of your beloved family.  Then … all of a sudden, the power goes off; you wait with bated breath but this time, unlike previously when the lights had immediately flickered back on, your house has been plunged into darkness on one of the hottest days of the year.  Your son yells from the other side of the house because he was right in the middle of an online game.  Your other half lets out a big sigh and wonders if the fridge may melt in the heat. And your daughter was studying on her laptop and watching a doco for school on the TV.  Then your youngest toddles in to find you stressed out… you both frown! You sit in frustration – “life cannot continue in this madness”.

As if arriving on cue, the mail man potters by on his motor scooter and, since you can’t work anyway, you dash outside to the mail box and open it to the glorious and ironic timely advent of your electricity bill. You discover, despite the frequent outages, you’ve still managed to clock up a lion’s share of your utility budget in just this one envelope.

It’s not like you didn’t think about all the other options. After all, you had considered solar power, but the cost of installation and battery meant that the system may not be paid back for ten years. At any rate, you would likely be selling house or replacing panels by then.  Also by then the energy companies might not give as good a rate if you are on solar? It’s also possible that the energy provider won’t allow you enough panels and refuse the use of a battery beyond a certain size … just in case you did the un-imaginable and stored more power than you should.  It’s like you give a bag of lollies to your kid, just to reach inside the bag and snatch most of them back.

You also considered a petrol generator, but that never posed as a long-term solution due to the noise and fuel consumption, which is really robbing Peter to pay Paul while upsetting your neighbours as well.

Forget about the gym! Your grocery bills are going up because you eat more food burning more energy, running around turning off the power switches behind the rest of the family and barking instructions to save energy where ever possible.

Your mind drifts off, daydreaming about the possibility of a homemade battery or solar power system of sorts to outsmart the powers that be, get yourself off the grid and finally be free!!!  Oh yeah, that’s right…you know that you couldn’t afford the cost or time of an 8-year university education required to produce and implement such a thing, that’s if you didn’t get fined in the meantime for attempting it.

You have almost accepted the fact that you are one of the little people, one of millions that has been caught up in this perfect storm, this current energy crisis that has inevitably brought Australia to its knees. You are at the mercy of policy makers and greedy oil giants that may just be bed fellows of a convenient untruth.

So, you pick up your phone, even though you forgot to charge it last night, and it is down to 9%, but enough for you to google: ‘natural energy resources policies’

Up pops …

You discover … that…wow!  Rise Up Australia Party really does have Australia’s interests at heart! and they don’t use their positions to repay favours for friends, nothing more to gain than to ensure all Australians have access to cheap consistent, sustainable and clean energy, while enhancing the Australian economy and taking the pressure off families and small business who pay most of the Australian tax burden.

Written by Rosalie Crestani
Deputy President of RUAP


Visit our ‘Clean Energy Policy’ on the link above and also keep a watch out for two more additional items:.

1. Thorium battery use, known to generate far better safe, clean energy than most other sources, for a longer time period.
2. The dual benefit of: ‘Waste to Energy stations’ (WTE) as seen in Sweden, which incinerates unrecyclable waste with a cleaner burn while generating a good source of useful energy.

Vote 1 for Rise Up Australia Party! … who is committed to keeping the lights on in Australia.


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