The LGBTQ Saga has turned a corner. It’s either the ‘Frying pan or the Fire’

Trends around the world have been progressively becoming opposite to what we once regarded as normal, and this country is no exception. We are becoming more and more aware that there is, alive and well in this country, an anti heterosexual movement; very much a minority at this stage but quickly gaining momentum and influencing Governments.

Recently our governments have been passing legislation especially in Victoria  that even homosexual people are saying is wrong and “the
Government has gone too far this time”.

Our Governments are crushing people’s rights to the point where it is destroying their personal contentment and happiness. Victoria has recently passed laws that make it illegal for people who have same-sex attraction issues, and/or Gender Dysphoria issues and want to get help, counseling, or any sort of support, including prayer. There are basic support groups as mentioned available to consult with them, and who may be able to assist them to free themselves from their inner confusion, pain, or agony they are experiencing because of these issues. Our Victorian Government claims that individual professional advice to a client or even if a person asks for prayer for how they are feeling because of their inability to cope is illegal.

“They claim no-one leaves their LGBTQ lives and that all therapy hurts people. Professional counselling, medical assistance, prayer or support groups, even parental advice to children, are all now being labelled as Conversion therapy”. [ ]

So basically, if you are a male who has become female, and you believe you have made a mistake and wish to change back to the gender of your birth, it is illegal to ask for help to do so. And it is illegal for them to speak to someone about their inner traumas that have arisen through making a decision they now regret.

This is a ludicrous law. The Government obviously does not care about the individual’s wellbeing. What they do care about is making sure (with all that is within their power) that this nation has as many LGBTQ people as possible in it whether they are willing participants or not.  

Below are a couple of personal stories and insights from Gay and Lesbian people who have changed back to their gender of birth. They talk about why and how their lives have changed for the better. (See links below)

James says, “ I believe to deny someone of this opportunity is plain evil.  In fact, to deny it is bigoted, it’s intolerant, it’s exclusive and it’s hate filled. Deep down it is downright bullying.  People …(LGBTQ) …) they have a human right to find greater peace, and to improve their mental health and self-esteem. And to strengthen their relationships.

To legally prevent individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction or with Gender confusion from accessing the therapies of their choice will only lead to more sexual abuse … It will see increased mental illness   … more suicides ..and I believe unnecessary deaths. It will burden the taxpayer further … young people will be the ones that suffer the most…. ..Today I have young people saying, if they can’t access this therapy, then what’s the point of continuing life.  It’s only sick Governments and their allies who would consider legislation to interfere with therapy in this way. …… It’s actually impossible to describe just how good it feels to be free from past pain and from so many lies.  .. As an Australian, I believe it’s ….time to ditch Dan Andrews Therapy ban.”

Same-Sex Domestic Violence – Is very common

Would it be illegal for these two people to get help if they wanted to end this relationship ??? And maybe give up on the LGBT LIFESTYLE.

Same-Sex Domestic Violence | Rolling …

Written by Yvonne Gentle

Posted on May 14, 2021 in Uncategorized

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