Socialists refuse Indigenous Elder / SBS news clip with Mr Nalliah talking about the recent Reclaim Australia Rallies / Herald Sun article about Islam from Peter Costello

Dear friends & family in Christ,

1) Please watch and share the following RUAP Youtube video titled ‘Who are the real racists? / Reclaim Australia Rallies / Socialists refuse Indigenous Elder.’

2) Please watch and share the following brief SBS news clip with Mr Nalliah talking about the recent Reclaim Australia Rallies

3) Please read and forward the following excellent article by Peter Costello that appeared in the Herald Sun titled ‘We have a duty to ask the tough questions on Islam and terrorism.’

Posted on November 24, 2015 in Guest Speakers, Interview / Media, Rise Up Australia, Sharia

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  1. Peter
    November 24, 2015 at 1:04 pm ·

    Greetings! As a committed Christian, I am deeply concerned about the spread of Islam as a barbaric, totalitarian political system hiding behind a religion, so that any criticism of the politics is both taken as
    religious discrimination, and painted as hysteric Islamophobia. We are constantly being brain-washed that Islam is a religion of peace, yet nothing is said of the imprisonment, torture, rape, and public beheadings of Christians and other non-muslims (and even some liberal muslims who want to liberalise Islam. My concern is not with the average muslims who (like most Australians) is generally peaceful and law abiding, yet is led by the nose by their extremist leaders. Rather, I want to shine the light of publicity on the extremists and fanatics who want to turn Australia into an islamic caliphate.
    I am aware of wahhabism which underpins and permits those atrocities. “The death penalty or stoning for adultery and fornication, flogging and amputation for stealing, and punishments of retribution, are sanctioned by the koran and are unchangeable,” legal scholar Shahid M. Shahidullah told”. Amnesty International says public executions are often based on “confessions obtained under torture or deception”.
    I’m also aware that the koran allows islamists to lie about the aims and objectives of islam (taqiyya).
    I want to do my own small part in making those in my own circle aware of these abhorrent practices.
    I need some authoritative sources, such as links to, and direct quotes of koranic verses which give extremist and fanatical jihadists and other islamists their permission and authority to do what they do. Can you help please, by sending me some material which I can use. Thanks in advance.

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