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Policy 18th of August 2018

Safe Schools Program – Victoria

Rise Up Australia Party Says NO! to the Safe Schools Program (SSP) as is currently endorsed and funded by the Victorian, Andrews Labor Government.

We consider that the current program is dangerous to the majority of school age children; causing gender confusion, psychological, social and even suicidal issues.

Some helpful information that will give insight into the agenda of this program:

Fact! There are no proven percentages on how many Australians may have diverse sexual orientation, or gender identity.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) cites around 10%. However; ABS has been shown in the past to have bias, and has printed inaccurate percentage figures showing Same Sex growth rates.

Bullying is diverse, incorporating many different people groups!

Fact! 20% of Australians have a disability.

Fact! Children and young people with disability have a higher rate of abuse and violence than any other children in Australia.

Fact! 25% of children aged 2-17 are overweight or obese.

Fact! Studies show that schoolyard bullying is based on appearance, minority, race, cultural background and intelligence! Same sex Identity is rarely cited.

Fact! The content of the Safe Schools Program is shrouded in Secrecy.

Fact! Studies have found that sexual orientation does not even rate among the top seven causes of bullying!

Fact! The purpose of Safe Schools Program is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the LGBTQI school community only.

Fact! Our tax dollars are funding the program!

Based on the above facts, the Safe Schools Program has NOTHING to do with providing a safe school environment, equality or anti-bullying. What it does do, is take away parental control and freedom of choice from students, by silencing those who voice their opinions against it with labels such as ‘bigots’ and ‘homophobes’.

And …

It encourages and teaches children to cross dress and experiment in same sex acts and themes.

If the Safe Schools Program becomes compulsory in all government schools in Victoria, is that not a skewed notion of introducing equality?

With the introduction of a program based on gender and sexuality without consultation with parents or without parental permission to participate, is the state not creating victims by violating both dignity and worth?

In implementing the Safe Schools Program, the Andrews government is proving to be anti-democratic and authoritarian!

Schools which run this program do not give students the option not to participate, or parents the right to refuse their children’s participation, nor educators the choice to opt out of the Safe Schools Program. In fact, parents, students and educators are subjected to a lack of dignity if they question it. This, at the very least is undemocratic and deprives people of their freedom of speech.

It is important to note that the acts of Homosexuality are condemned by many religions including, but not limited to Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and many students come from homes practicing these religions. With the Safe Schools Program, these students are unable to practice their freedom of religion in the school setting. In Australia, we are a people that prides ourselves on our freedoms and ethnic diversity, yet our children are denied their individual religious, moral and cultural beliefs.


Because the SSP is part of the school curriculum in 98% of Government schools and does not allow students to opt out. In fact these students and others are ignored by this program, which makes no religious or cultural considerations; pays no attention to the bullying of children for any reasons other than LGBTIQ, etc issues; promotes a lack of equality – subjecting the majority to the value systems of the minority.

Culturally we are against discrimination yet students who identify themselves based on their biological makeup, and who are heterosexual make up the majority of the student body, yet have no voice.

Rise Up Australia Party believes it is time to act. Let your voice be heard and say, “No”, to the Safe Schools Program and “YES”, to safer schools!

Our policy:

– Ensure the safety of ALL students regardless of appearance, race, culture, disability, intelligence, religion, gender or sexual orientation;
– Insist on transparency in our education system.
– Give parents a voice and input in matters concerning their children.
– Allow parents the right to stop their children from attending curriculum activities and programs of a social, moral and religious basis. if it is against their belief system and values.
– Empower students to express themselves without ridicule, in a safe environment.
– Encourage inclusion of ALL students to participate in programs of their/parent choice without humiliation.
– Promote security and stability provided by the family unit.
– Involve parents and guardians in school activities and curriculum.

Help save our Children in Victoria!

VOTE 1 for you independent candidate from Rise Up Australia Party this November!!
Written by Yvonne Gentle for Rise Up Australia Party

Researched by Adehlia Theron


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