Ps Paul Furlong asks people to stand with him to fight for our Constitutional rights.

Yesterday I went to stand with Ps Paul in response to a plea from him on social media for people to support him and our constitutional freedoms and rights.  He has been continually harassed by police over past months for not exercising some Lockdown and Covid ‘laws’.

Ps Paul Furlong says that the Australian Constitution and our Bio security laws give him the right to open his church even though the State premier’s office tries to enforce lockdowns and demoralising restrictions on the entire state of Victoria, causing hardship, economic chaos, depression and many suicides. 

Obviously the police must realise that he is within the law because he has not been charged for opening his church. However they have tried to close him down through other means so that he will conform, ie. he has had numerous visits from the police and been charged for not wearing a mask, and being out of the 5 km limit. The latest is to close his aquarium shop down because, supposedly it is not  complying to the Covid safe regulations. If he opened it yesterday he was threatened that he would receive a $20,000 fine.

Well, you guessed it, he refused to close it. He did this on the grounds that he had complied with their regulations and was officially given the go-ahead to trade. Paul then called for backup and support from the public.

When I arrived at the shop, there were around 40 people hanging around at 10am. It soon grew to be about 100 by 10:30 when Paul gave a couple of updates on events. Arvi from Rebel News was on site and happily mingling in the crowd. Monica, a representative for Serene Teffaha, head lawyer of a legal  firm and the ‘advocate me’ organisation, who has threatened the Victorian Govt. with Class Action, was also in the front row. She later gave a passionate speech encouraging people to stand up for their freedoms and their nation.

The police arrived at around 10:35 am, with maybe 6 cars, and parked out of the way till the main activities and speeches were over. They then moved into the crowd, making people feel uncomfortable, so most people decided to leave. I also left then as I had to return to work.

Not long after that Ps Paul was arrested and taken into custody. He was soon bailed out by a legal firm and I believe social media restrictions are a condition of his Bail.

Rebel news has been following this flamboyant injustice of human civilities around the country and is supporting his cause by reporting the truth as it happens before our eyes, getting the miscarriages of justice in the news, and hopefully stirring us up to not just sit back and take what the Communist Andrew’s government is dishing out.

Andrew’s has just gone too far with this last lockdown, trying to deceive the people to cover up his own incompetence.

Please watch these videos to get a feel for what our citizens are having to contend with.

  1. Paul furlong tells his story.

  2.  Monica gives a passionate view.

Submitted by Yvonne Gentle

Posted on February 19, 2021 in Uncategorized

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