President Trump will take an appeal to the Federal Supreme Court on election fraud!

The purpose of this post is to Update all with world news, namely what is happening in America.  What happens in the USA will and is affecting the world and in particular our own country.

We watch with keen interest, because it is not just about on what side of the political spectrum you stand, but it is also about Godly values and the battle against corruption, which I don’t think any of us can deny takes place in elections and the voting process in many countries. And now we have overwhelming proof that it is being practiced in the United States of America.

Below …

There are three remarkably interesting and enlightening videos we have included here for your perusal. Please take some time to watch them. If you can’t spare the time to watch them at one time, please put aside to watch at your leisure.

1. President Trump  giving evidence at the Senate inquiry

2. President Trump will appeal to the Federal Supreme Court on election fraud

3. The Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee is holding a hearing on allegations of fraud in    the   2020 Presidential election. You won’t see this on fake news!

 Thank you so much for your time,

 Yvonne Gentle for Daniel Nalliah.

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