Who said, Black Lives do not matter.

Please watch the link below. We think that it is quite appropriate at this time, when there are arising across America and the world, protests about black lives.

People are brawling, fighting, looting, and even killing one another all in the name of ‘Black Lives Matter’.  It is as if nobody has ever considered people of color or their worth until now because so called ‘do-gooders’ are jumping up and down, holding placards and screaming out, “Black Lives Matter!” The link below is a video which is set in the grounds of the White House, Washington, USA in May 2018.  President Donald Trump is not only promoting a Ministry that works in prisons and changes lives through the power of prayer, but he is also honoring a black man’s life. This man was given a second chance through the love and work of a white man. The video is drawing attention to how all lives can work together for the benefit of all people. Black, White, or Brindle – All lives matter! Not only do they matter, but we will also achieve a much better outcome when we all work together for the truth, rather than causing division and spreading the lie, that Black Lives do not matter to some factions of our communities.

Daniel Nalliah, President of Rise Up Australia Ltd., stated this morning; “frankly, I do not understand why people worry about black or white because God created all people in his own image. I’d rather use the term, Caucasian,  African American, etc than describe people as black or white”.


Written by Yvonne Gentle

Posted on June 17, 2020 in Uncategorized

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