President Trump immerges after 3 days, victorious over looming COVID – 19 illness!

Below, are 3 video clips which we came across recently that are very timely and relevant in today’s turbulent world of politics. Please take a little time to check them out.

What seems to be a much humbler Donald Trump has returned to work at the Oval Office after spending three days in the hospital. He said that “it was a very interesting journey. I learned a lot about COVID”. For more information on how the American public and the president are faring,  click on the link below.

The U S President says he is feeling Great and praised the new drug he has been taking as his COVID success story, He even says his short lived COVID -19 experience was a blessing from God.  Although the New York times are not rushing to back the president in this article and can’t resist a dig at how he is responsible for “trying to minimize the effects of a pandemic that has killed more than 211,000 Americans,”  I’m sure you will find the article interesting.  (By the way, 211,000, which put in perspective, when you do the maths, is less than 0.0007% of the 330,000,000 American people. I wonder, would they tell us how many people would have died of the flu this year if COVID had not come along?? Mmmm) Please take a look at the link below.

How well does anyone know Trump and his secret life?

When we talk about having a secret life most people would not want to reveal their secrets to anyone as they would be not the kind of revelations that we would want known to the public. However, this is not the case with Donald J Trump’s secret life. This story brought tears of joy to my eyes:

In 2016, a Journalist named Liz Crokin wrote an article entitled ‘Trump does the unthinkable’. She said that nobody bad-mouthed Donald Trump until he decided to run for President. She also stated that she too was on the search to find a sensationally incriminating story on the President, which would give her success as a journalist. This is what she discovered and felt obligated to share. Please take a few minutes to click on the link and watch a remarkably incredible Donald trump immerge.

  Written by Yvonne Gentle.

Posted on October 8, 2020 in Uncategorized

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