PM slams animal rights group PETA Naxakis as ‘dopey’ for calling the culling of mice during plague as ‘human supremacy’

● Prime Minister has dismissed animals rights group PETA’s plea to spare mice 

● Farmers suffer from mouse plague across rural NSW and southern Queensland

● Scott Morrison called PETA’s request to save the mice ‘pretty dopey’ 

PUBLISHED: 17:12 AEST, 19 May 2021 | UPDATED: 17:12 AEST, 19 May 2021]

The prime minister has dismissed a plea from an animal rights group for farmers to stop killing mice even as the rodents destroy their crops during the current east coast plague.

Scott Morrison called the request from animal activist group PETA ‘pretty dopey’, as mice cause catastrophic damage in rural NSW and parts of southern Queensland.

The plague has devastated many farms by ruining planted crops, damaging tonnes of stored hay and grain, and causing millions of dollars of damage.

… Towns (are) so overrun by the mouse plague that rodents are EATING $50 bills from shop tills – … locals share their ingenious traps

● Shop owner was left with battered $50 notes amid the NSW mouse plague 

● The widespread mouse plague continues to wreak havoc across Australia 

● Residents have been forced to create their own contraptions to kill mice 

A survey of 1,100 farmers across NSW found some have already spent more than $150,000 on baiting to kill the animals, while others had lost more than $250,000 worth of grain and fodder. 


PUBLISHED: 15:15 AEST, 19 May 2021 | UPDATED: 16:33 AEST, 19 May 2021

A highly toxic poison has been authorised for use to combat the plague after the failure of normal eradication methods, but PETA argues the culling of the rodents stemmed from the ‘dangerous notion of human supremacy’.       They said the government should provide a humane solution that allows the rodents to be trapped and later released.

PETA’s Aleesha Naxakis told Sydney radio 2GB “We are not anti-farmer” but said she objected to mice being poisoned.

‘It’s so unfair these mice are going to suffer these horrible deaths,’ she said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it was hard to see ‘the devastation and heartbreak’ recently experienced by NSW farmers.

‘It’s just one thing after another … and apart from the comments being very insensitive to the plight of those farmers … it’s pretty dopey,’ he said.

Last week, the NSW government responded to farmers’ pleas for help with a $50 million relief package that includes rebates and a promise to chemically treat grain to protect against the vermin.

The government is also seeking urgent approval from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority for approval to use bromadiolone – a new poison outlawed in Australia that’s guaranteed to kill rodents within 24 hours.

Thank you, Mr Morrison, for talking sense in a world that seems to have their  priorities  really messed up.

I wonder if PETA Aleesha Naxakis would feel the same way if her home was inundated with a mouse plague where the floor was covered in mice, and they just fell from the cupboards every time she opened them. And if the pantry was contaminated with mice droppings and half-eaten food scattered everywhere. Not to mention that family members were developing illnesses because of the diseases the mice were carrying. Maybe she might have to reconsider her stand and put these poor starving mice out of their misery as quickly as possible. Well, let’s at least hope she would.

What is more important, The welfare of people or the welfare of vermin?

The question is so ridiculous that it seems laughable even asking it. However, there is a trend today where the welfare of animals of all kinds is put above that of human beings.  One example is that when my cat had her unborn kittens removed the unborn kittens were given aesthetic by the Vet. However, it is not required to give the unborn human baby aesthetic during an abortion, at least that is the case in the state of Victoria.

Another time, someone I know (we will call him Tom) was doing his best to care for a friend’s dog whom he had taken on at that friend’s request. The dog was not being cared for properly in the kennels and the friend was unable to take the dog back due to being stuck overseas (during Covid). When Tom took the dog in good faith, the dog was sick and in a mangy condition. The dog resided at Tom’s house where it was constantly walked, bathed, and fed. However, the dog did not seem to be improving quick enough for the nosy neighbors who were relentlessly causing trouble, ringing the RSPCA and the Council, reporting him for cruelty and neglect of the dog. They even contrived a plan to steal the dog. 

The RSPCA came and took the dog of Him. Then the Pet Police called on him for an interview and said he could be charged because he did not take the dog to the vet. The dog was in a better condition than when it first arrived in his care, but the problem was it would not eat meat, so she did not put on weight. Tom would give her meat, but she would eat everything else in the bowl except the meat. Of course, the interviewers did not know this.

Why don’t people report their neighbors when they see wife beatings and mistreatment of family members? Instead, they say, “I don’t want to get involved, it’s their business!”

Why is it that so many times human life is given much less value than that of an animal? Or is it that people just feel justified in calling out for the social rights of animals because it is considered socially acceptable to meddle in people’s business if you are calling out for “Animal Justice”. This is regardless of whether you have your facts right or not. There is even a political party now called ‘Animal Justice’.

One last example of misplaced priorities:

I will never forget the time I was watching the news one night while a friend was visiting, (we will call her Margie). The channel was playing a news clip of a war scene somewhere in the Middle East or maybe an African country. A terrorist organization had gone into a village and its surroundings and virtually slaughtered everyone and everything in sight. On the road out of the village, there were people shot dead, laying scattered on the road, some covering up their children who by the time of the filming were also dead. The scene was really gruesome. However, Margie watched in silence until she saw a couple of dead dogs lying on the side of the road. She called out in horror, “oh look at those poor dogs,” in a voice that was virtually crying with concern. I was both horrified and angry that she could witness the atrocities of this terrorist organization on human life and not blink an eye, yet when it came to two dead dogs she cried out in despair at their fate.

This is a sick society that raises up people who put the wellbeing of animals before those of people and their livelihoods. This is more than just dopey it is outrageous. On behalf of RUA, I call for Governments to implement within our education systems curriculums that teach children sensible and correct priorities. Meaning that People and their welfare takes precedence over that of animals.

Yes, we love Animals, and it is our duty to care for them and not to be cruel to them. But the way in which we treat animals does not mean we should sacrifice the rights and wellbeing of People. Our society needs to wake up now before we literally do wake up one morning and find ourselves with less rights than our pet dog.

Get your priorities in order!

Written by Yvonne Gentle

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