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This Petition is to remind our Governments that the Australian constitution states, all people have the right to worship according to their own faith and to express their views according to their belief systems.

While our governments have started to lift COVID-19 restrictions on different social gatherings, churches and other places of worship have not been mentioned as far as a time or date that services can recommence.

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Thank you, and God Bless You!

The Rise Up Australia Team


To all Members of Parliament

The Signatories of this petition are Australians who have experienced not only separation from family, friends, work colleagues and what their normal life consists of… but also the separation and association with their spiritual leaders; the fellowship of likeminded people; their local place of worship and what would normally be their physical and moral support, due to the COVID 19 shutdown in our country.

The Morrison Government is said to be approving some measures to ease the restrictions levied on the nation, because they have realised, and understand that such restrictions are having a devastating ripple effect to the economy, mental health and one’s personal motivation to continue being a productive member of society. The plan is to reopen some economic and social activities. However, places of worship are not included. We reverently request attention be given also to the people in the community who rely heavily on attending faith-based places of worship. Please consider their need for fellowship and to celebrate their convictions and faith. We ask you also to prioritise the protection of weekly worship, bible studies, wedding ceremonies, and funeral services.  

Many worship centres had already put in place social distancing practices before they closed down and will reinstate these procedures once fellowship restarts. We are asking that you have confidence in the leaders of the individual Worship Centres, to be wise and prudent, in that they are able to protect their congregations and themselves in the best interests of the community. We also ask that you be proactive in protecting our civil liberties as stipulated in our constitution, which is the right for all people to freely practice and confess one’s religious belief system and to worship according to one’s Faith.

We ask that you reinstate gatherings at places of worship by the 31st of May 2020.

Thank you.

The people of Australia

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