Very important letter from RUAP in regard to urgently needing your help

RUAP members urgent letter

We really appreciate your loyal support and prayer over the years and the sacrifices you have made to
enable us to keep running as a political party.

Although Rise up Australia Party is a minor political party at this stage, we have managed to influence
Government majorly. We have been more vocal than most and will not be compromised in what we
stand for, although there have been attempts to do that, we have stood our ground.

I am sure you are aware that the Federal Elections are due to be held around May this year. Although no
date is definite, this is the time frame that is expected as the Senate election must be held no later than
May 18. Both lower house and Senate elections are usually held together for the convenience of all
concerned, however, this is not a regulation and because House elections are more flexible than the
Senate there is the possibility, we may not have a lower house election until November. This would be
the latest time possible for the Lower House to have an election.

Our Party has only a few months for its campaign, but due to restrictions on finances we are limited in
what we can do and really need your help. Unlike the major parties, we do not have big business from
whom we can draw finances. Therefore, we are asking if you can pledge an amount, whatever is
affordable, for the next 6 months, this would be a great encouragement to us.

The fact that we are not receiving money from big business has a positive side, it means that we do not
have to dance to their tune, and we can make decisions that are not compromised by the promises of
money. We understand that some of you are already pledging or contributing on a regular basis and we
in no way want to put you under any additional burden, but for those that feel they are able, we would
be grateful for your support.

We are also seeking applications from prospective Candidates, particularly in QLD, NSW, WA, SA,
Tasmania and ACT. We need people who have a passion to keep Australia Great, who love the country,
value our way of life and seek to promote Judeo Christian values for the betterment of all peoples.
For enquiries contact Yvonne Gentle on phone: 0414 870 453 or email:

Ezk. 22:30 reads: I looked for someone among you who could build walls or stand in front of me, by the
gaps in the wall to defend the land and keep it from being destroyed. But I couldn’t find anyone. (GWT)
Could you be that someone?

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