Rebellion takes many forms. It can start with a child in the home disobeying his parents, to a university student protesting against………everything,(1) and even to a government removing its leader.(2)

In the last couple of years we have seen each of these forms of rebellion permeate throughout Australia. The socialist left wing is finally seeing the fruits of what they have worked on for many years.(3)

Where does this rebellion originate, and how can we fix it? It originates from a lack of discipline in the home, the schools, the universities and finally from an organised campaign by left wing radicals. Government has legislated making it illegal for parents to smack their children. Today’s modern world also makes it difficult for parents to spend time with their children because many homes have two income families, and parents have little time to spend with their children. Couple this with the fact that they cannot discipline their children and it is no wonder that we are starting to see an increase in drugs,(4) and crime.(5)

What is the Solution?

It is not the government’s responsibility to discipline our children. Indeed it is not even their right. We live in a democracy and government has no right to interfere with the family in the home. The UN has tried to force all countries to stop the smacking of children, but its efforts have been dismissed by those in the current Australian government.(6)

Schools have a mandate to educate children. They need to teach children to show respect for others. They need to teach children how to become parents, and what is involved in having a family. School curriculums have for too long now been only about academics with little real life practical experience. We need to build programs into the curriculum that will help children gain the realities about what is required to raise a family. To achieve this we need discipline in the schools.

Our Universities are places where young men and ladies are supposed to be able to question all that is around them, and to develop their brains with lateral thinking.(7) This is hardly the case today. Universities teach mainly left wing socialist policy,(8) and free independent thinking is controlled, or put down.

RUAP Policy

  • RUAP will allow parents to discipline their children within sensible non-abusive guidelines.
  • RUAP will reintroduce discipline in schools.
  • RUAP will relook at how Universities (and the ABC) are funded. Where State or Federal funding is being used, we will insist on balanced input from Schools, Universities and the ABC. This may necessitate the removal of any members of staff who refuse to adjust to the new policies.
  • RUAP will change the school curriculum to include “real life” training.
  • RUAP will remove funding from non-complying organisations.


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