Elected Leadership Policy

Changing Elected Leadership/Prime-Ministers – Policy

Although Technically a Prime Minister is not elected by the People, his/her Party is. That Party then becomes the elected Government and the Leader becomes the Prime Minister. However, we all understand that leadership can make or break any corporation, business, committee and even the home – so how much more our Government. We at Rise up Australia Party (RUAP) think it would be foolish to say that irrespective of the leader of a Party, the Australian people would vote that Party in.

According to American Scholar Warren Bennis, leadership can be defined as “the capacity to translate vision into reality”.

It would be reasonable to acknowledge that good leadership can reverse a poor situation. Take the British manufacturing sector for example, when UK companies led a remarkable recovery after outsourcing had triggered a rapid decline in the industry. Now as a result of good leadership, the United Kingdom manufacturing division employs 2.5 Million people and accounts for an impressive of 52 % of all national exports.

Warren Bennie lists 7 attributes that ‘distinguish individuals as great leaders’. Listed below is a condensed version of those qualities.

1/ Good leaders can inspire trust in those around them.

2/ A good leader continually looks to improve.

3/ Good leaders are passionate and focused on the tasks at hand.

4/ A leader will take ownership of calculated decisive assignments.

5/ Good leaders are never satisfied.

6/ Strategic leaders are driven by fear or failure.

7/ Good accountable leader will communicate openly with humility.

RUAP values leadership and leaders and believes that the Australian people do also.

Over the years Australians have consistently chosen between two parties knowing that even if they vote for a smaller Party, their votes will eventually end up with one of the two major political players. Often when a voter is not happy with his/her preferred Party he/she will vote for a minor Party that has similar policies/principles that give their preferences to his/her preferred Party.

The people, influenced by today’s political climate in Australia, are increasingly choosing Minor parties in the hope of getting some, even one of their candidates into Government to keep the major parties on track or to bring in changes in Parliament.

One of the main reasons people leave their main Political Party of choice to vote for a like minded minor one is because they are dissatisfied with the leadership. More often than not that major Party will lose an Election based on the public’s rejection of its Leader. Bearing this in mind we hear the heart of the Australian people and uphold that change of leadership is the people’s choice not that of a Government Cabinet or of ambitious MP’s who are out to satisfy their own agendas.

Our Policy is:

  • Rise up Australia Party believes that an elected prime minister should live out his/her term in Parliament unless voted out by the people (double dissolution)
  • Rise up Australia Party will endeavour to bring in Legislations which will forbid anarchy against an elected Prime Minister.
  • RUAP will Support and build relationships, so as to dissolve conflict & find solutions for the challenges that Leaders may face.
  • In the case of corrupt Leadership – RUAP will not turn a blind eye to Ambitious Agendas that fail to meet the needs of the people; are harmful to our country’s security; national interests and the economy. We will address issue such as these at all times.
  • RUAP will endeavour to bring in Legislations that will prevent a PM from making and implementing a decision without consulting Cabinet. The legislation would give Cabinet the power to nullify any such action if it is found to be outside the Party’s policies and principals or constitution, and/or harmful to the nations interests.
  • Rise up Australia Party adheres to supporting the Elected Prime Minister & his/her Party – voted in by the people. We will hold up and encourage their Governance – as stipulated in our policy above.





 An example of good leadership:

….  It will transform life, business and the global economy.



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