FirearmquestionmarkRise Up Australia Party is of the view that all law abiding citizens should have the right of law to own and use firearms. We recognise that the use of firearms for the average Australian is cultural and or has trade or industry significance. Ownership of Guns for the most part in this country is for recreational shooting, hunting, farming and pest control. The regulation of firearms should not unjustifiably encumber a law abiding citizens of his or her freedoms.



Rise up Australia Party would not:  

  • Seek to enforce tighter laws restricting the use of firearms
  • Oppose the Revision of current laws to ensure they did not disadvantage land owners, Farmers and shooters.
  • Impose taxes, charges or fees on the purchase, use, or hire of firearms for the purpose of:

* Recreation

* Controlling of wild life and farming needs

* Legalised Hunting

Rise Up Australia Party believes   Australia’s law abiding firearm population have been weighed down with unfair regulations on the guise that gun crime was a result of loose gun laws; however firearms crime has continued unaffected by new or existing legislation because criminals DO NOT obey the law!

Rise Up Australia Party would investigate and seek to revise legislation, calling for all levels of Government to work with Gun clubs, Police and gun owners to bring in new laws that do not disproportionately encumber the large number Australian citizens who already use and would like to use firearms safely and responsibly.

Law abiding shooters, farmers, hunters and the general public should not have to bear the burden of irresponsible criminal actions. Rise Up Australia Party would differentiate between the two groups and strategise ways to bring to justice the illegal black market dealing in firearms in this country. We believe the responsible action is to make a concerted effort to track down and bring to justice gun smugglers and syndicates that have been operating in importing guns into this country for decades.  Whether you’re a hunter, target shooter, or pistol enthusiast, the Rise Up Australia Party will campaign for the rights of ALL responsable firearms owners.

Rise Up Australia Party would seek to Repeal the 1996 National Firearms Agreement

As well meaning as Howard’s gun laws may have been, they have proved only to demoralize law abiding gun owners and public safety has failed to increase and there has been no notable effect on reducing gun crime.

Rise up Australia Party believes enough is enough! We advocate for new tougher and immediate laws that will hold criminals who use a gun in the act of an offence, accountable.  Law breakers need to know that they WILL go to jail for their crime. We will introduce a bill for compulsory sentencing of any person who is found using a firearm to commit an offence. We will also call for further measures to address illegal firearms trading in the community.

Open State Forests to licensed hunters
Recreational hunting is a legitimate and culturally significant activity offering huge environmental benefits to our public land. We will continue to support and promote hunting opportunities across the country and lobby for the use of State forests.

Rise Up Australia Party ….will seek to continue the work of The Hon. John Tingle, who passed the Home Invasion (Occupants Protection) Bill which guaranteed in law the right of a person to protect their family and property against intruders.  He sought to establish the genuine reason of the family and home owners need of protection and for the lawful possession of a firearm. We support the right to protect home and family.

Air rifles
Rise Up Australia Party view the current requirements to register air rifles as just technical and ‘idealistic. We will work to remove these requirements and restore common sense.

We do recognising that laws in regards to firearms are necessary, and we will work to balance those laws with the rights of law abiding firearms owners. As previously stated, we will crusade for harsher penalties for those involved in gun crime, including mandatory sentences. The Liberal/National Coalition, Labor, and the Greens have all shown they cannot be trusted when it comes to shooters and hunters rights. Rise Up Australia Party will fight to protect your freedoms! And protect your home and family.

Educating all people on the safe use of fire arms is essential
Safty and the responsible use of firearms needs be taught to primary age school children. Rise Up Australia Party will commit to introducing some degree firearms training in schools. Shooting as a sport could be an option as part of the school curriculum.  We would also call for the introduction of a TAFE certified gunsmith program. We  would support funding  for recreational shooting and hunting by lobbying to establish better equipped firearm ranges and facilities throughout the country,  giving prominence to regional shooting compounds

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