Clean Energy Policy – Renewable Energy

* Domestic power bills have risen substantially across Australia over the last decade, and they are expected to increase further in coming years. 

Rise Up Australia Party [RUAP] believes this should not be the situation, that there are easily attainable solutions to the rising energy and fuel cost that the nation is currently facing.

Whether we believe that that the Government is ‘shafting’ us by exporting excessive amounts of our oil causing a substantial shortage of natural gas, triggering high wholesale prices which in turn, push up our wholesale electricity prices where power stations have relied on backup power generation from gas.  Or:

If we agree with the thinking that the Renewable Energy Target is driving up power bills, it is at this stage irrelevant. Trends have shown that the cost of power will inevitably rise no matter what policies are put up, what procedures are endorsed or what Governments are in power.

An analysis from .energy market experts ROAM Consulting found that Australian households would pay over half a billion dollars more for power in 2020 without the Renewable Energy Target in place, and up to $1.4 billion more per year beyond that.

We need change!

To address this seemingly insurmountable problem of rising energy prices, RUAP is off the belief that you take a ‘full fisted’ approach.

What do we mean by that? We don’t just focus on one source of energy or follow popular solution ideas, but we take into consideration what has been reliable and dependable in the past as well as adding new and improved methods of producing clean and renewable energy into the spectrum. Let us explain; we have 5 fingers in a full hand and we need to use all the fingers for the hand to function to the best of its ability, therefore we can use this same principal with energy.

We have available to us many natural resources: Wind, Natural Gas, Electricity produced by coal, and water.  Solar energy from the sun, steam and even oil.

WHAT! Coal!!  Yes, Coal still is ‘on the Table’ as a viable source of energy. Through new developments that eliminate emissions that have previously dammed the use of coal as a clean energy source.

We believe that all the resources cited above have their place in producing affordable clean and or renewable energy in this country. The use of energy produced and developed from using these sources will create employment, protect the environment and attract foreign investment. Also we have been researching developing techniques that can turn waste, plastics and coal into sustainable clean energy.

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