Abortion is a very sensitive and divisive issue. Opinions range between organisations such as AHA (Abolish Human Abortion) all the way through to Emily’s List. AHA demands the immediate and total abolition of abortion with no compromise. AHA ‘rejects incremental abolition, the gradual regulation of abortion and pragmatic strategies’. In total contrast, Emily’s List (Emily being an acronym for Early Money Is Like Yeast) is a feminist organisation established to get pro abortion women elected to government. Emily’s List MP’s do not tolerate any restrictions on abortion; not even for healthy viable full term babies.   This article will highlight RUAP’s stance on this very sensitive and divisive issue in relation to our current Victorian abortion law?

In 2008, the Brumby government legalised the abortion of healthy viable babies up to nine months (Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 – Section 5 Vic Hansard 3633 & 3498-3506). The Rise Up Australia Party accepts that the unborn are capable of feeling and expressing emotions. The RUAP therefore agrees with Jennifer Oriel’s recent article in The Australian. She argues that ‘abortion laws must recognise scientific developments which have raced light years ahead of abortion politics’. She says, with the exception of the US Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act 2013, abortion laws have derived largely from political and moral opinion. Research has confirmed that foetuses produce strong stress and pain avoidant responses at 20 weeks, even as young as 18 weeks. One of the 40 possible amendments to moderate Victoria’s extreme abortion law was the provision of anaesthetic to unborn children being aborted – but the administration of anaesthetic was rejected by the 2008 government. The Rise Up Australia Party agrees with science that the Victorian Law Reform Act 2008 must be revised in accordance with these findings and the findings of a major survey that indicated 98% of Australians agree that women should be advised of all of the health risks before choosing an abortion.

Despite the fact that almost all Australians agree that every woman has the right to give informed consent before any medical procedure, the 2008 Victorian government voted against requiring information and counselling for women on the risks of abortion (Vic-Hansard 3536 and 3629-3631).  According to Dr Roland von Marburg M.B., B.S., F.R.A.C.S., 10% of women suffer an immediate complication after an abortion; 2% suffer an immediate major complication such as infection, haemorrhage, embolism, uterine and or cervical damage and even, yes, even death in Australia from abortion. Furthermore, there are dozens of papers published in peer reviewed medical literature journals examining the effect of abortion on the incidence of breast cancer and mental illness. The fact that actuaries in the United Kingdom use abortion as the primary risk factor for breast cancer in insured clients illustrates this, as does the latest study on breast cancer which comes from China. The meta-analysis of 36 scientific studies by epidemiologist Yubei Huang and colleagues was recently published in the ‘Cancer Causes Control’ journal. Results showed the overall increased risk of developing breast cancer after one abortion was 44% and a 76% increased risk after two abortions. The tragedy surrounding Charlotte Dawson’s death illustrates the research of Professor Pricilla Coleman who found 10% of women will experience depression following an abortion. Woman cannot make an informed choice without the most accurate, relevant and up to date information available. The Rise Up Australia Party will protect women and make information and counselling on the specific risks associated with abortion a legal right for all women.

Currently all Victorians are legally protected with a cooling off period should they decide to purchase a set of encyclopaedias for example, or to change their energy provider. Unfortunately women seeking an abortion are not afforded that same legal protection. The amendment requiring a cooling off period for women inquiring about an abortion was also rejected by the 2008 Victorian government. According to David Kupelian’s in-depth expose titled, ‘Blood Confessions: ex abortionists spill their guts’ and Abby Johnson’s recent best seller titled ‘unPLANNED’, the abortion industry has a mandate to increase the number of abortions performed. In ‘Blood Confessions’, under the heading of ‘deceptive counselling’ are many confessions such as the following:-

Those kids, when they find out that they are pregnant, may not want an abortion; they may want information. But when they call that number, which is paid for by abortion money, what kind of information do you think they’re going to get? Remember, they sell abortions – they don’t sell keeping the baby, or giving the baby up for adoption, or delivering that baby. They only sell abortions.

Similarly in her number 1 best seller, ‘unPlanned’, – Abby Johnson, former director of an abortion clinic, describes the result of the annual budget meeting as follows, ‘I came away from that meeting with the clear and distinct understanding that I … as the clinic director was to find a way to increase the number of abortions at my clinic’.

The abortion industry, with its vested interest in increasing the number of abortions currently influences Victorian youths through the sex education component of the Victorian curriculum in both public and private schools. The RUAP will seek to enact laws which protect women, children and the school curriculum from potentially unscrupulous business practice.

Many ideologies rise and fall. Is abortion just another passing ideology or does our Victorian Law Reform Act 2008 support inalienable human rights? The 2008 Victorian government voted not only against providing information on the health risks of abortion, anaesthetic for the unborn and against providing support-counselling for women (Vic-Hansard 3536-3550), they also voted against mandatory reporting for suspected child/teenage victims of sexual abuse when a suspected abuser takes them to an abortion clinic (Vic Hansard 3492-3498), against notifying the custodial parent of a minor seeking an abortion (Vic Hansard 3480-3485), against banning late-term and partial-birth abortion and against protecting the life of a child born alive after a failed abortion (Vic Hansard 3620-3622).

‘Aborted babies being left to die’ was the headline in the Age 2010. The article revealed that in Victoria it is not uncommon for there to be over 50 babies who survive abortion each year and are then left to die or killed.

Not only does the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 not support our inalienable human rights it violates them. The Rise Up Australia Party will stand to restore our inalienable human rights and protect every Australian.

‘Freedom of conscience’ is enshrined in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and in The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and yet the 2008 government voted to deny doctor’s their ‘freedom of conscience’. The health risks of abortion are well documented, however under Section 8(1)(b) of the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 health practitioners are prevented their right to practice medicine according to their professional and ethical conscience. Patients are therefore deprived of the best medical care and advice available. Dr. Mark Hobart (MD) is currently at risk of being deregistered because he did not refer a couple who wanted to abort their healthy 19 week old girl foetus so they could ‘try for a boy’.   Under the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 doctors are coerced into compliance despite the fact that active coercion is contrary to the Australian Medical Association’s code of ethics. This means that Victoria now has in effect, state dictated, state enforced medicine. The Rise Up Australia Party believes that state enforced medical practice is wrong and sets a dangerous precedence for future laws. The Rise Up Australia Party would remove Section 8 of the Abortion Law Act 2008 to maintain a doctor’s right to practice medicine according to his/her ethical and professional judgement and in accordance with universally accepted human rights.

After the atrocities of WW11 the nations of the world came together to reaffirm their faith in fundamental human rights and that human rights were not subject to change with each new ideology, opinion poll or democratic vote. The nations looked at the Nazi’s dehumanization of Jews and other ‘undesirable’ groups such as those deemed mentally, racially and physically deficient or inferior. They saw the abysmal failure of law courts to protect the ‘unwanted’ and formed the United Nations to protect vulnerable human beings from shifting laws newly coined to advance popular new ideologies. Rita Joseph said in an address titled, ‘Confronting a Corrupt Adult World’, that ‘the human rights language has been corrupted and reconstructed superficially by tacking them on to ‘women’s rights’ to accommodate a new feminist ideology spurred on by the sexual revolution of the 1960’s. The smallest children have now become the helpless, right less pawns of adults’ desires, of adult freedoms grotesquely exaggerated’. The Victorian Abortion Bill 2008 was never openly, accurately and publically reported in the mainstream media. The Rise Up Australia Party believes that the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 should have been, and should be, the subject of a balanced debate in the public arena based on facts and scientific data rather than on transient ideological values and rights.

A government is not in power, it is merely in office, put there by the will of the people. Let us all exercise our democratic right and demand that politicians and the media be accountable and transparent to provide the public with full, accurate, relevant and up to date information.

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