Meet some of the Brave people who are standing up for Victoria and the freedom of all Australians

As you are aware, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews recently extended the state of emergency powers in Victoria for a further period of 6 months and has used them to prolong the stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne. He has also released a ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown with objectives that are largely unattainable. The Herald Sun News aptly referred to it as “the Roadmap to Nowhere”.

As I watched this video (link below) and I watched the other states rally in support of   Victoria, it brought me to tears. I am so proud of all the beautiful brave Aussies who stood up and marched risking fines, handcuffs and even jail, all in the cause of freedom. And in support of Victorians and all Australians who have lost their jobs, their lively hoods, their mental health, and even their lives to suicide.
And why?

(The link above is on the rallies)

The real reason please! … It is not because the government is trying to save anyone’s life. We have had much more serious loss of life in the past with flu viruses and nothing was said, not even about wearing masks.

Last year around 4000 have been reported of dying of the flu, this year none, so I will ask the question, The COVID deaths are some of them really the flu?  And incidentally the flu virus belongs to the Coronavirus family of viruses so it would be correct to say that a person died of Coronavirus when it was the flu that took them out. To spite a huge vaccination campaign and large numbers of people being vaccinated still people caught a new strain of the flu. Vaccines take years to develop and be effective and safe. They can’t possibly fight new strains of viruses which continually mutate with a vaccine.

The official reason for the Lock downs.

I heard Daniel Andrews say on a news interview that when he was making his decision regarding the lockdowns and emergency restrictions, he had done so because he had no other choices. That is not true he could have let the many doctors that would have to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine to their patients ( if he had not made it illegal) do so. He is not a doctor. If both patient and Doctor agree that  Hydroxychloroquine is the treatment they want, how dare he keep it from them. Especially as it has been proven to work effectively in other parts of the world.  Hydroxychloroquine/ chloroquine was used successfully against the  SARS coronavirus infection in 2005. This virus is around 78% identical in components to the current COVID 19 a form of that SARS virus. Here’s the proof:

Andrews must know Hydroxychloroquine works – If he did not know about this information, he should not be Premier. It is his job to look after us  – not to let us die when there is a perfectly safe drug we could be using.

So, what is the real reason for the Lockdowns?                                         Maybe this sounds a bit sinister, but …

The Government knows that Hydroxychloroquine worked with the 2005 SARS which is around 78 % the same as COVID-19. They would have all the successful studies that say it works. They have heard the reports from the thousands of doctors around the world that are speaking up saying it works on COVID-19, and there are quite a few countries like France, Cuba and India successfully using it.

So here is a thought… Maybe He does not want a cure or a successful treatment for the virus because he has plans for the vaccine which will bring in billions of dollars for some companies and some key people. It seems governments want to vaccinate everyone and penalize those that refuse to take it, this is surely unreasonable. I guess they could even threaten to not open up until everyone gets vaccinated. Daniels says his reason for the vaccination is because it will save lives, yet those it is likely to save is less than those who have suicided because of lockdown and those who have already died because they were denied a proven treatment by his Government and his so-called ‘Health” advisor.

The Good news is: that aMelbourne based Human Rights Lawyer Serene Teffaha is  now preparing to launch a Class Action on behalf  of those impacted by the Government’s handling of COVID- 19..

Dr. Daniel Nalliah, RUA President stated yesterday “I have personally spoken to Serene Teffaha. She is very capable of doing a great job. Please pray for Serene and her legal team. Ask God to give them wisdom and protection”. We at Rise Up Australia are very happy to be supporting her.

Remember “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”.

Please click on the links above to watch two very informative videos by Serene Teffaha on the Government response to COVID-19.

Written by: Yvonne Gentle

Posted on September 10, 2020 in Uncategorized

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