Media Release: UK Human Rights Lawyer to speak on Persecution of Christians in Islamic countries at RUAP Campaign in Melbourne

General Immediate Media Release 14th March 2013

A very prominent Christian Human Rights Lawyer will speak on the persecution of Christians in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries, at the campaign meeting in Melbourne for RUA Party this Saturday 16th March, while the Islamic Peace Conference will also be held in Melbourne.

The head of Christian Concern, Andrea Williams, who is also a member of the Christian Lawyer’s Association in the UK and a leading Human Rights Activist, will address a Rise Up Australia Party campaign meeting in Hallam, Victoria this Saturday 16th March 2013 at 7pm.

The Islamic peace conference (with not so peaceful speakers) will be held in Melbourne at the same time where almost all the scheduled speakers have promoted the hard-line rule of Islamic Sharia Law.

Many of the 20 invited international speakers (who are all Muslim men) have been banned from countries such as the UK and Canada for promoting terrorism, or called for the annihilation of the Jews, endorsed violent jihad, hostility against gay people, made misogynist statements, promoted circumcision (i.e. genital mutilation) of girls, and advocated the execution of those who leave Islam.

The local Muslim speakers, listed on the IREA website, have encouraged the beating of women, spoken in support of known terrorists and called for Sharia law in Australia.

The organiser Waseem Razvi endorses the amputation of hands (of thieves) and the death penalty (for adulterers). He is an Islamic supremacist, claiming that “Muslims are the best of mankind” and that “Islam will be victorious over all other religions”.

The National President of RUA Party Daniel Nalliah is a personal friend of Andrea Williams and helped her to campaign against the Vilification Laws in the UK in 2005 by speaking at several meetings in the UK, including meetings with select committees of the House of Lords and Commons. They both visited 10 Downing St, and handed over a petition against the vilification laws, which resulted in the laws not getting through the British Parliament.

Daniel Nalliah stated from his office in Melbourne this morning, “Andrea is a great friend and a woman of passion. Her work has seen many persecuted Christians set free from prison and torture, mostly in Islamic countries. She is a great champion for human rights and has won many battles to protect those who are being persecuted.

We are honoured to have her as our guest speaker at our Campaign meeting this Saturday 16th March and also on Sunday 17th March at Church.”

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