If you are searching the Net for answers, or just doing your research you may come across some weird and wonderful claims. One should  do their best to seek out what is credible, and what is not.

Regarding Covid-19 variants, this is what I found …
** Much of the text in this article was taken from information supplied by: Daniel Funke
USA TODAY a May 18 article …My contributions are in bold text.

FACT CHECK … which says, if you can believe it:
“COVID-19 variants come from mutations, not vaccines. …
Public health officials are monitoring five variants of COVID-19 circulating in the United States, all of which appear to spread more quickly than the original strain. Scientists say those variants are the product of coronavirus mutations spurred by its continued spread….”

A claim made by a French Nobel prize winner and Virologist, Luc  Montagnier, is that COVID-19 vaccines are in fact, creating the virus variants.

“…. online, an alternative explanation for the variants has taken hold. Its source: a Nobel laureate who helped discover HIV.”…

“Bombshell: Nobel Prize Winner Reveals – Covid Vaccine is ‘Creating Variants,’ reads the headline of  rom RAIR Foundation USA, an activist organization whose stated goal is to “combat the threats from Islamic supremacists, radical leftists, and their allies.”


“The RAIR article, which has been shared widely on Facebook, is linked to an interview with French virologist Luc Montagnier, who shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with his colleagues for their discovery of HIV in 1983.  ….
During the interview, which was conducted by Pierre Barnérias — a filmmaker — Montagnier blamed vaccination for the coronavirus variants…. “It is an unacceptable mistake,” he said, according to the RAIR translation of the video. “The history books will show that because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.”

The writer of the above text  (in his comments below) disagrees with the French virologist, Montagnier’s view. But either way, like the flu virus, which is given as an example in his article, you need to have new vaccines to address new strains of the flu virus. Likewise, you would need a new vaccine for new strains of the Covid-19 virus. Vaccines take years to develop. So common sense tells us that the current vaccine will not vaccinate us against new strains. ….

Daniel Funke’s article says…  “That’s wrong — naturally occurring mutations are responsible for the coronavirus variants, not vaccines. Experts and public health officials say vaccines can help prevent the development of new variants by slowing the rate of (the) virus.  Public health officials say coronavirus variants are the result of changes to the virus’s genes. Every time a virus replicates, mutations naturally occur in its genetic material.
When RNA viruses like SARS-CoV-2 circulate widely within a population, they change and adapt over time. One example is flu viruses, which change so frequently that a new vaccine is needed each year.”

This is true. However, it is also likely that vaccines could cause Covid variants. If some experts believe this, it can’t be just dismissed. Not enough time has gone by to be able to give a scientific view on this. So many people react differently to treatments. You need time to assess the vaccination rollout. There have been many reports of side effects, from minor to profoundly serious. Also, many reports of deaths seem to be brushed off and even denied. I often meet people that have friends and or family that have suffered side effects. It appears there is an official denial that says the vaccines are safe when in reality,  there are many reports to the opposite.  The first variant was detected in the UK in December 2020 which is a few weeks after the vaccine rollout started in Britain and the US.
All said and done, it is way too risky for me!

Funke’s article continues…

“Since the pandemic began, the coronavirus has infected more than 169 million people worldwide, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. That high caseload, as well as its geographic distribution, has given the virus ample opportunity to mutate, experts say…..
Centres for Disease Control and Prevention says on its website. “These small differences, or variants, have been studied and identified since the beginning of the pandemic.”

The article suggests:  “Coronavirus vaccines can help slow the evolution of the virus.”

In my opinion, this is an ambiguous statement! How much help can you get from the current vaccine on new strains? Is it 1% or 5% or 20%? And what about the risks of becoming ill with blood clots and heart issues. Also, long term affects are not known at this stage. And we can’t forget those who have already died after having the jab.  I guess they want require help anymore!

Some experts say the vaccines due to their ingredients will cause autoimmune diseases. Many people have posted their auto immune reaction to receiving the vaccine on social media, the only avenue to them to get their message out, as little attention is been given to any negative reactions to the jab.

Fact check: of course disagrees.

“No definitive evidence COVID-19 vaccine causes autoimmune disease
Perlman said there’s no evidence the COVID-19 vaccines will make variants worse in the long run. New variants emerge through the process of natural selection when that strain is the one strong enough to overcome a host’s immune system.”

Notice the link says, ‘no definitive evidence, which means, there is no conclusive or agreed-upon evidence one way or another. What it should be saying is, there has not been enough time to gather enough of the damming evidence that is likely to surface as time goes by.
I personally think, how do I know if I will be one of those people that react badly or even dies by being vaccinated.

**The key is keep your immune system health good. Look into boosting it especially with Vit D. Even the WHO PROMOTED THE USE OF VIT. D.  Also, zinc, Vit. C and silver colloid, I have found to be good immune boosters, especially helpful during the flu and cold season.

Bombshell: Nobel Prize Winner Reveals – Covid Vaccine is ‘Creating Variants’ – RAIR
Tap the link above to get the truth on the social media posts regarding this man. And check your facts before sharing stuff.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9638793/Covid-19-Australia-Victorias-lockdown-extended-virus-spreads-stranger-stranger.html?ito=push-notification&ci=205853&si=7664057&ai=9638793                                                  The link above shows the article from the Daily Mail. Saying, officials have no idea how the virus is jumping from stranger to stranger. Well, if the Vaccine is the cause for the variant, then vaccinated people are able to pass on the virus to apparent strangers and it is undetected because no one is looking at them.

Luc Montagnier

French virologist

Luc Montagnier is a French virologist and joint recipient, with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Harald zur Hausen, of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus. Wikipedia

Human Retroviruses and Disease ..1988
Oxidative Stress in Cancer…    1997
Virus  2000

Human Retroviruses and Disease ..1988
Oxidative Stress in Cancer…    1997
Virus  2000

Australian Deaths from Covid Vaccines to the 23rd of May 2021.
210 as recorded on our govt. website.

This is not to mention the thousands of reported side effects like blood clots, heart,  and immune deficient deceases.

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