Let’s Boycott China!

Some  important Facts that you may not know about China.

Australia’s China Problem

From 1998 to 2000 My Daughter was living and working in Mainland China.
She said: “If you want something, it’s not what you know here, but who you know. People buy…
*Their qualifications.
*Drivers licenses.”
On the economy…
*“The Chinese financial market is set to boom.
*China is going into real-estate in a big way.”
Sure enough, the world has watched on rather unconcerned as the tentacles of China have crept into just about every country.

  • • Over the past 20-25 years, China has expanded its activities to become a superpower. It dominates in trade (imports and exports), overseas investment and lending. In short it has become an economic, political, and military powerhouse.  China is also home to world’s largest population. Therefore, many nations compete to have access to the ‘Chinese market’. China has used this to its advantage to give access to its ‘markets on its own terms and to its enormous benefit.    It now seeks to increase its influence across the world. The methods china uses to accomplish this objective are:
  • Preferential trade agreements
  • Investment in infrastructure projects,  property,  trade and business organizations around the world.
  • Provide aid and development finance, to developing nations.
  • Seeking to intimidate, with military mass and political clout.

Governmental Ideology

• China is ruled by the Chinese Communist Party. It is a totalitarian communist regime – we call it a dictatorship that is not bound by democratic constitutional principles of law that we are used to in the West, such as, the separation of powers, independence of the courts, the rule of law and accountable governments. In short it is not answerable to anyone but itself. The Chinese government is therefore able to and has in fact frequently acted in an aggressive and demanding manner, doing as it pleases (both in economic and military terms) in order to achieve its objectives.
• China is intensifying its endeavours to significantly increase its influence in Central Asia, South East Asia, South Asia, and Africa. In the recent months, the quickly advancing China has also sought to increase its influence over the South Pacific Islands through providing aid and development finances. 
Is China acting in a humane capacity to help underdeveloped nations, or does it have a sneaky ulterior motive? 
Alas., I think the latter is the case! Accepting aid, finance, and loans from China, often comes at an extremely high price. A good example of this is Sri Lanka.
The Sri Lankan government received funding in the form of a loan from China to construct a seaport in the Southern city of Hambantota. When Sri Lanka encountered difficulty in repaying the loan, it was compelled to hand over the port and some surrounding land to China on a 99-year lease.  Are we starting to see a trend here?
And just how did China Get Sri Lanka to cough up a Port?
Initially through deception! Click the link for more information.
– https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/25/world/asia/china-sri-lanka-port.html?smid=em-share

How does Australia fare with China?

• China is Australia’s largest trading partner. It purchases large volumes of iron ore, coal, meat, natural gas, wine, barley, and other produce from Australia.  
It is not only buying from Australia; it is actually buying up Australia 
• China has been paying premium prices for Australia’s residential, commercial, and farming property for some years now, willing to pay the top dollar and putting everyone else including Australians out of the market. 
A Chinese government owned enterprise now has a lease on the Port of Darwin. China also has a significant stake in an entity that has a lease on the Port of Melbourne. 
Do we see the writing on the wall yet? The People’s Republic of China (TPRC) is set to become the biggest foreign owner of Australian farmland! 
Click the link below if you want to cry yourself to sleep tonight.


• The current economic situation in Australia provides an ideal opportunity for China to increase its influence through investments in Australia by buying up more real property from owners of property and businesses that have been forced into financial insolvency due to the COVID 19 Govt restrictions.
• Over recent weeks china has sought to punish Australia because we dared to call for an interdependent international inquiry into the COVID 19 virus which originated in the Chinese City of Wuhan. TCRC has opposed such an inquiry and has now imposed high tariffs on Australian barley exports and imposed certain trade conditions on our iron ore exports. It has threatened to ban Chinese tourists and students from visiting and studying in Australia. The latest economic threat issued by China to Australia is to stop natural gas exports. For more information click the link below:

China’s bullying tactics on Australia is relentless!


The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has gone on record as saying that the call for an independent inquiry into the COVID 19 crisis was not aimed at China. For more information click the link:

Scott Morrison insists he did not target China with the virus probe.


• Australia is not the only country to face China’s wrath. The USA is at present involved in a trade war with China. They have also threatened the UK with retaliatory action if Prime Minister Boris Johnson bans Huawei from the UK.

So according to China’s rational, ‘It’s our way or the highway!’

Please check the link for more information:  https://www.theaustralian.com.au/world/beijing-threatens-uk-over-huawei-decision/news-story/4c9e74f6ccb281c44a04635ddaf04aa7

• China has also enhanced its military presence in the Asia Pacific Region, constructing artificial islands in the South China Sea for the purpose of putting military bases on them. Some of these islands are in disputed areas of the region, having been claimed by other countries. China has harassed, and on occasions, even sunk commercial fishing vessels of neighbouring countries to reinforce their authority and presence of supremacy there.   

Sound familiar?

• At present, China has deployed military forces on its border with India, having had in the past several territorial border disputes with them. They have also issued a threat to reclaim Taiwan using military force. Looking back a bit to the early 50s, let us not forget that it was China who invaded Tibet just because it was the place of least resistance, being the home of the Dalai Lama and the Buddhist Monks! It seems that China thinks it does not have enough land yet! It is also consolidating its stranglehold on Hong Kong by not honouring its word in which they promised ‘one country two systems’ when china took back Hong Kong in 1997. Please note: two out of three of these takeovers were thriving economies.                              

 So, what we learn here is: that China cannot be trusted with their word at all!

 For more information click the link: https://www.news.com.au/world/asia/this-sends-a-clear-signal-china-removes-phrase-peaceful-reunification-from-taiwan-document/news-story/b8c13ffa38b17eb2579f2f88691a6b94#.3fo36

• China has significantly increased and improved its military capabilities over the past few years and is now on a war footing with anyone who gets in their way!  Click the link for more information: 


• it’s quite apparent that TPRC desires to manipulate, dominate and control Australia politically, economically and militarily, hence the takeover of the northern most port in Australia, the Port of Darwin. The purchases of prime real estate and whatever else they can easily get their hands on should surely be a concern for all Australians.                                                                                 

The alliances and special relationship that Australia enjoys with the USA is of particular concern to China. This alliance, to some extent acts as a deterrent to Chinese military activities in and around Australia. China has used every opportunity to compel Australia to take their side against the USA.

An extract from the Alice Springs News:

Why a  US military base in Darwin?

Picture: US Marines in an assault exercise on Le Shimla Island, Japan, in March 2017. A similar exercise took place earlier this year. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl Charles Plouffe.

Comment by Bevan Ramsden:

The Agreement between the Governments of the United States and Australia which underpins the stationing of up to 2,500 US Marines in Darwin is called the Force Posture Agreement (FPA). The concept was first announced by US President Obama in 2011 on a visit to Australia and was presented as part of the new US military strategy called the “Pivot to Asia”. A clearer explanation of this strategy would be “the relocation of a major part of the US military forces including naval forces to the Asia/Pacific area to confront and contain China”.
Click the link for the full story: https://www.alicespringsnews.com.au/2019/07/24/us-military-base-in-darwin-for-asia-pacific-operations-what-risk-to-nt/

China asks Australia to side with them:

…And if we don’t, what are they going to do? Threaten to take us over as they have done with Tibet.
Click on the link for more information.


• It is proposed that, it is only a matter of time before China becomes a military threat to Australia.

• It is in this framework that the Chinese ‘Belt and Road Initiative should be considered.

• The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is one of the ways that China is seeking to exert its influence across the world.  China’s BRI seeks to connect various countries through Central Asia, South East Asia, Africa, and even the South Pacific islands with itself in economic terms through trade and commerce.  This is to be achieved by the building of seaports, roads, highways, and railway projects.
Australia Beware!
What is the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’? One Belt one Road (OBOR)

Critics claim that it facilitates Chinese economic and strategic domination of the countries along these routes. OBOR provides a global context for China’s growing economic links with Australia. Of course, it would! You don’t think they are doing this for anything else but economic and political domination of Australia and any other country they might pick up on the way?

Please click on the link for more information on the Chinese BRI:

This is how china ‘weaves their web’:

• It appears that China seems to have influenced the political process in the state of Victoria. The Victorian labour party appears to have targeted Liberal Party seats with Chinese help.

For more information click on the link: https://www.theage.com.au/national/andrews-government-used-china-deal-to-target-liberal-seats-20200525-p54w8x.html

• The Andrews government in Victoria is the only State in Australia to sign up to the Chinese BRI. Premier Andrews appears to have signed the BRI behind the back of the Morrison government when he signed despite security concerns raised by the Federal Government, and the other states.

• Premier Andrews, on the other hand has defended his relationship with china. Click the link for more information:

Even the Chinese government is speaking on behalf of the Premier. This is Interesting, isn’t it?
Click the link for more information:

• It has been further presented that the conduct of the Victorian Premier poses a significant threat to the sovereignty of the Commonwealth of Australia as an independent and autonomous nation.
A prospect, I do not believe he will lose any sleep over!

I would like to put it out there that several questions remain unanswered about the influence of China in the political and economic affairs of Australia, and in particular, the state of Victoria….

For instance: Why was a company paid more than $35,000 to consult the Victorian government on its deal with China. Why was it hired “without any tender process” and without any public disclosure according to The Australian’s Rachel Baxendale.
Click on the link for more information: https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6159623173001

It certainly seems obvious that China is adopting a divide and rule policy by playing off Victoria (who has buried its head in the sand) against the other States and the Federal government. Click the link for more information: https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6159617725001

• The Chinese telecom giant, Huawei won a tender to upgrade the radio communications system for Perth’s urban rail network. The contract has now collapsed due to the trade restrictions put in place by the US. Of course, there is no love lost between TPRC and the United States of America. Maybe that could possibly be because they cannot bully America into submission? Anyway, thank God for that! We need more of a U S presence and much less of a Chinese presence in this country; not that we are advocating any kind of foreign domination in Australia but at the moment the U S is playing the part of a good deterrent to a Chinese take over.

I believe we have shown that the present situation is extremely dangerous to the economic stability and military security of Australia. In fact, the very existence of Australia as a sovereign and independent nation is at stake.

What can Australia do in the present circumstances?

Australia is placed in a very difficult position, given its business/commercial/trading dependence on China and the current economic situation brought about by the COVID19 crisis (which just happened to originate from China). However, it is time Australia weaned itself from its business dependency on China.
The COVID19 crisis is a particularly good opportunity for the Australian governments at State and Federal level to wean itself from China. The Morrison Government should take the initiative, bearing in mind the current public sentiment against China. If positive action (like the recent call for the independent inquiry into the COVID 19 situation) was taken by our federal government on trade bullying, I believe we would find public support despite short term pain. Some of the things the government can do include:

  1. Bring back manufacturing to Australia. Products that are currently imported from China can be made in Australia.
  2. Reintroduce the motor vehicle industry; build and work our oil rigs again; put money into agriculture, support our diminishing farming communities; bring back our water; introduce The Bradford Scheme or similar.
  3. Create an economic climate that will encourage manufacturing. The Prime Minister’s plan to have discussions with Trade Unions on the issue of industrial relations and reform is a good start. This will create more jobs.
  4. If we dump China, there will be plenty of other nations who will trade with us. Maybe the price will not be initially as competitive, but in the long run, we will have avoided the ‘hangman’s noose’
  5. Become a more self-sufficient nation! Come on Australia show some nous.
  6. A large-scale public campaign asking Australians to purchase locally manufactured goods and services over foreign products will be a winner to the many patriotic Aussies that still exist, especially the over 40s – approximately half our population.
  7. Develop commercial/trade/economic relationships and alliances with countries such as India, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Israel.
  8. Closely monitor foreign investment in the country, particularly the purchase of real property and business enterprises by foreign entities
  9. The federal government must intervene on the BRI signed by the State government of Victoria. It has the constitutional authority to do so. – Sec 51 of the Commonwealth Constitution states:

The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to: VI the naval and military defence of the Commonwealth and of the several States, and the control of the forces to execute and maintain the laws of the Commonwealth XXIX external affairs.

Article by

Yvonne Gentle and Ashwin Puvimanasinghe

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