Is Daniel Andrews worried about our wellbeing or are there other things more … pressing on his mind??

Every day he appears on the TV very cool, calm and collected, and apparently  concerned about his Victorian public, while implementing life changing radical restrictions as if he is Victoria’s saviour. However, by the time we have finished with this state of disaster and a lockdown for 6 weeks (that is if it is 6 weeks) due to conclude on the 13th of Sept., we will be anything but saved. Hopefully, the C-19 community contraction of the virus will be way down by that time.

But mental health as the current trend suggests, will be blown sky  high as will suicides, job loss, failed industry, commerce, and the retail sector. Victorians will suffer the repercussions of a fallen economy for maybe many years to come.

Many of the topics that are propelled in the media and in our faces, are movements like Gender fluidity and ‘Black Lives Matter’.

What about,  Non COVID infected lives matter?

In the meantime, All the real issues that have surfaced in the last 6 months or needed to be addressed before COVID -19  took over our lives, have been cunningly swept under the carpet in the shadow of the virus, Andrews conveniently shifting the attention from his shifty Chinese dealings and his shady handling of party procedures.

There have been a few leaks in the media over the last 7 months of his under the counter negotiations, however it seems when the media does leek something out, suddenly there is no more said about it. I wonder why?

Some of the issues  our Premier does not want  to air or talk about in public are the following.

1. Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

The Andrews government in Victoria is the only State in Australia to sign up to the Chinese BRI. Premier Andrews signed up to BRI despite security concerns raised by the Federal Government. And it appears he has signed the BRI behind the backs of the Federal Government.

2. Chinese interference/influence in Australian politics

It also appears that China seems to have influenced in the political process in the state of Victoria. The Victorian labour party seems to have targeted Liberal Party seats with Chinese help. For more information click on the link:

Premier Andrews on the other hand has defended his relationship with china. Follow the link for more information:

Even the Chinese government is speaking on behalf of Premier Andrews.

3. Andrews’s branch stacking fiasco

Branch-stacking is when new party members are recruited to influence the outcome of internal elections. In the recent past, 3 senior Ministers of the Andrews Government have resigned over their involvement or alleged involvement in branch stacking. They are Adem Somyurek, Marlene Kairoze and Robin Scott. While branch stacking is not illegal (unless false information or names of people that no longer exist have been provided to the AEC) , it is considered morally wrong for a party to do so.

Andrews seems to have lost control of Government, having double standards and not even properly implementing his own rules when it suits him!

Why then is our Victorian Government engaging in such nonsense?

And why are even the police making such a big deal out of this mask wearing? When fines should be out of the question considering the manufacturers affirmations.

 Premier Andrews says wearing a mask is saving lives, but the manufacture of the masks says they do not protect against COVID – 19. Really who are we expected to believe?

Now Victoria is in a state of emergency and disaster! And all Victorians are under enormous stress, anxious about their very lives and/or whether there is a job, a house or in fact any future at all  for them.

I do not believe it has to be this way. There are safe drugs that doctors support, TGA approved and have been used for up to 60 plus years on a number of ailments and deceases.

One of these drugs has been around for over 60 years and was successfully used on SARS in 2005  and is already approved by the WHO.

This link (below) provides very convincing research and information regarding this drug HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE,  an over the counter drug in many countries. The premier must know the research that is available on Chloroquine, yet  he has chosen to ban the drug for use in treating COVID – 19 in Victoria. Also, the TGA has suggested it is unsafe for some patients. Should not that be the job of the patient’s doctors to decide and the patient themselves.

Just a little encouraging information on the drug from the Virology Journal August 2005:  Instead of banning the drug which has been successfully used for treating SARS coronavirus (SARS-Co V) a close relative to COVID-19, Daniels could at least give doctors who know far more about it than he does, the option of prescribing it for their patients, and the people themselves the right to ask for a drug that overseas doctors say they have used successfully for C-19. It certainly offers more success than face masks.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly has suggested that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews could be jailed for blocking the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. See link.

It seems Mr Andrews prefers to use scare tactics and threats as a prevention for the virus spreading in Victoria.  Stage 5 threat suggestions:

How bad is the virus?

In asking this question, it is not to play down that there is a killer virus spreading around the world, rather it is to put it into perspective and to look at the facts and possible solutions, versus the fear and hopelessness which is the real pandemic.

You can count on two hand the deaths in Victoria of people under 70,that have died with COVID-19. The youngest being a man in his 30s and the second a Sri Lankan man in his 50s who already had a severe illness. No child or young person has died in Victoria or Australia as far as I could find out! All but a few are very elderly people who have pre-existing problems already threatening their lives. Or cooped up in aged care facilities and hospitals.  It has been said by professionals that these people are not dying of Covid 19 but rather they are dying with the decease. Had it not been for their previously compromised or weakened immune systems they would most likely not have passed away from the virus.

Likewise, had they contracted the flu or a severe cold these same people would probably not have survived. But just to make this state of emergency more convincing, I believe the authorities are saying it is Covid 19. Why is this?

I wonder how much money will go the Labor Governments way when they try to make a C-19 vaccination mandatory?

Since the virus started 267 people out of 6.5 mil. to date in Victoria, have died with or from Covid 19  and the premier believes this is reason to call a state of emergency. Has he checked the flu figures last year, or the suicides figures this year that have been attributed to the lockdowns?

I personally know of 2 people who have suicided in the last week; I don’t directly know of one person who has COVID – 19, let alone died from it in the last 7 months of it being in Australia.

There are more and more people that are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the Premier’s actions, calling for him to stand down due to incompetence and worse.

Additional links:

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BMC  Port of springer Nature – Virology Journal
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Article number: 69 (2005) click here >>  Cite this article 

Daniel Andrews You are Failing the Victorian People! You have dodged the real issues your Government should have addressed this year; ruined the economy; put us into a police state and a state of fear. Then there are all the non COVID mental health deaths that have resulted from this so-called state of emergency. Don’t you feel even a little bit responsible for them?

                                    Rise Up Australia calls for you to stand down!

Written: by Yvonne Gentle. Thanks to Ashwin Puvi for supplying additional information.

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