How sad it is to see a man with a conscience leave the liberal party

Craig Kelly has been an inspiration to many of us who just don’t want to swallow what Governments, drug and vaccine companies, and the so-called health authorities are trying to brain wash us with. Mr Kelly has stood for freedom to speak out according to one’s conscience. It used to be OK in this country to have a difference of opinion from the mainstream media governments and anyone for that matter. Minority groups who were once ostracised have been free to have their say in this country for decades now, hence the Gay and Lesbian community.

So, if one has a difference of opinion on health, vaccines, and dare we say it, the  COVID 19 ‘pandemic’ issues, they should not be ostracised for speaking according to their conscience, and especially having done their research. But sadly, that is not the case, and the mainstream media is being trained to publicly persecute anyone that does not support their narrative and that of the official stand.

Well, I for one, and Rise Up Australia would like to congratulate you, Mr Kelly. You are not alone, there are many Australians who share your views or at least your right to share them and your right to stand up according to your conscience. It is OK to disagree with the Government, the Health Department, the WHO, Bill Gates, the U N, world depopulation, and many of the other agendas that are not so hidden anymore.

How encouraging it was to see such a large demonstration against the vaccine in the city of Melbourne last Sunday. (Feb 21)  This is a message that should tell the government there are probably millions of Australians that do not want the so called ‘vaccine’. I do not ever recall seeing such a large turnout for a demonstration. There would have been around 30,000 people fill the streets of Melbourne. This means that the silent majority that did not, for whatever reason show up, could be millions.

The link below shows us the crowded streets of Melbourne for as far as you can see!                              

This is  Craig Kelly’s Letter to the PM

The full article in the link below

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