“Governments worldwide were instructed to close down their economies”

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

Says “Governments worldwide were instructed to close down their economies as a means to protecting people against the pandemic. March 11, 2020, was the official date at which the pandemic was declared. … But bear in mind this is an act on the part of the financial establishment to create absolute chaos at the level of national economies worldwide…  real capitalism  … was precipitated into bankruptcy  … I’m talking about the airline the Hotel chains and so on. … this had nothing to do with protecting people against the ‘pandemic’… It was a deliberate act of economic warfare, and it was applied worldwide. … Every single country, with some exceptions, accepted to close down their economy with a view to saving lives, and that is the biggest lie in world history! What the architects of this project achieved, was an engineered bankruptcy. …

The PCR test: does not under any circumstances, identify the ‘virus’ – What it identifies are genetic fragments of different viruses, and it is not possible to even for the PCR test to actually identify whether this is Sars 2 … or another virus…


The Victorian Government has been  consistently shutting down our economy, and sometimes we find we have support from sectors of the community that we may not have expected.

The Construction workers fight back!

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Submitted by:  Yvonne Gentle

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