Gods not dead in Sydney by By Yvonne Gentle

I have just returned to Melbourne from a most invigorating weekend in Sydney. Trish Ellis and I attended among other meetings, the Sydney Holy City March on Sunday March 8th.

The March was just one of the events on our agenda, as we also went to seek opportunities for Options Plus Care which is our recently renewed rescue program for mothers who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy.**

Up to 800 people gathered in Belmore Park for a 4 pm start. The March was a good half hour walk from Belmore to Martin place, where we were rewarded with an extremely well organised and professional Christian Music Concert.

The Holy City March, Sydney, is an event organised by the Korean Church of Sydney and faithfully supported by the Rev. Fred and Silvana Nile who have attended this annual event for many years. Fred and Silvana also took part in behind the scenes operations as well as being among the honoured Speakers.

Many who may have joined the rally this year were discouraged from attending because of the Coronavirus fears; however, I would like to salute those who did for taking the stand to be a fearless witness for Christ to the City of Sydney, and to the Nation. We can’t let fear take away our opportunities …

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”. [2Timothy 1:7]

Please click on this YouTube link to watch part of the March. You can see Trish and myself right at the very start.

**For more information on Options plus Care:

Ring Yvonne on 0414 870 453 or check out  www.optionspluscare.org

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