Law & Order

Q: Border Protection – How will you handle the issue of border protection?
A: All boats trying to enter Australian waters by illegal means should be stopped to preserve lives put at risk by people smugglers. We are completely opposing all unauthorised illegal boat arrivals of refugees and asylum seekers. We will encourage such individuals to enter the country through the correct cannel, namely through Australian immigration governmental agencies. We will implement legislation that will send all asylum seekers back to their homelands, which will (after a short time) completely discourage and drastically lower boat arrivals by closing our borders. It should be noted also that 8 out of every 10 refugees and asylum seekers are Muslims. It should be understood that to be called a Muslim you must practise the Islamic faith and hence embrace Sharia law. We at RUA can foresee the dangers of allowing such a vast quantity of peoples into the land who have their foundation of the Islamic law and Muslim faith. Increased border patrol and forces will definitely be a strategy to deter and maintain border control integrity and safety. We also recognise that we need to work closely with other governments to abate such a crisis.

Q: Firearms – I am a registered weapons license holder and would like to know the party’s policy and or thoughts on weapons legally owned and registered to lawful abiding citizens in our Australia?
A: Rise Up Australia Party believes in the right of all Australians to possess legally owned and registered firearms, for the purpose of shooting, hunting, and defending their own homes. We are, however, opposed to automatic weapons, such as AK47’s being in the hands of the population.






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