Indigenous People

Q: Indigenous people – How do you propose we should support, honour and move forward with the indigenous people of the land?
A: We recognise the aboriginal people as the first people of the land. We encourage them to accept our governmental apology and move forward as we work together towards equality, harmony and fairness for all Australians. We at Rise up Australia party understand that one of the major elements to moving forward with the indigenous people is to recognise that no sum of monetary support is going to be effective, or productive, when dealing with these communities. We understand that a human is comprised of three parts, spirit, soul and the physical body. When dealing with the indigenous groups we must see that physical needs, homes, money and other compensations are not the best solution for spiritual peoples. We aim to love the indigenous people and meet them at a spiritual level, understanding that the land, its possession, their land rights and stewardship roles mean more to these people than any sum of money. To meet them at a multi-dimensional level is what we propose.






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