Q: Banking – How will you ensure banks serve the Australian people and do not engage in unjust rates and greed? This includes unreasonable profit margins at the expense of Australian interest rate payers.A: We will pursue the implementation of legislation to ensure that banking serves the national interests of the Australian people, being conducted under the direction of the parliament, including that food production and essential infrastructure are financed at concessional rates, and that citizens personal deposits are protected by requiring that investment banking is kept separate from commercial banking as in the Glass Steagall act of the USA. Interest rates should be kept at a rate favourable to Australian economic growth and without putting a copious amount of money into the hands of bankers which can create huge influence on government. We at Rise up Australia Party foresee the need to restrict banking power and influence on Government which is compromising the tenets of a free and equitable business, political and social landscape. One such concern is the widening gap between the rich and poor, especially the disadvantages unjust interest rates impose on families with lower socio economic standing.

Q: Deceptive product labelling – What will RUAP do to stop deceptive product labelling, and especially labels which do not identify product ingredients and chemical contents?A: We at Rise Up Australia Party will push for more scrutiny and inquiry into the safe labelling of products. We desire to implement laws which will require companies to disclose the entirety of the contents of products including all the flavours, colours, chemicals, ingredients, relative percentages and where such ingredients are sourced from. We will stand against certification bodies which oppose truthful labelling, by imposing governmental penalties and legal action. We will also endeavour to run enquiries into the integrity, truthfulness and solid scientific basis of certification agencies and their approval stamps placed on products. We will look to root out black shadow government agendas, under the table pay outs for certification and other corruption occurring behind the scenes. We will work to stop product imports into our shores that have very deceptive labelling and litigate against companies who are exposed.

Q: Deficit – What will you do about the Australian deficit?A: The Party aims to keep Australia completely debt free and will aim to remain always in a place of budget surplus. We aim to acquire the funds through logical budget cuts to climate change propaganda, supporting and housing illegal refugees, discontinuing centre link payments to polygamist marriages of up to or more than 4 wives and other sensible cuts. These cuts will provide a wealth of money which can cut down the deficit within a short period of time.

Q: Foreign Investment in our Land – What are you going to do about our increasing demand on Australian Land and Land or infrastructure sold to foreign investors?A: We will aim to legalise and support a minimum of 51% Australian owned land and infrastructure. We will push to stop, or curtail the sell-out, of our farming land, business, media and utilities, among other infrastructures and corporations to overseas buyers with overseas interests. For example just recently 100,000 hectares of farming land was bought by Saudi Arabia. We are concerned, that if current trends continue, our children will wake up on a land foreign-owned and we will have to rely on a third party to live on our own land.

Q: Genetically modified (GM) foods – What will be done to curtail the increasing momentum towards GM (Genetically modified) foods and other artificial based foods?
A: The Rise up Australia Party acknowledges that seeds, plants and animals should remain genetically untouched and should not be genetically altered. We do not support the increasing tide of GM foods, flooding into the market place all around Australia and will make moves to curtail such foods. We will push for legislation that will criminalise and terminate all genetically altered seed and foods, and especially push for seed stocks to remain organic. We support fully the right of all animals to remain genetically uncontaminated. We recognise that GM foods may look better to the eye but certainly do NOT taste the same or (in many cases) as good, to naturally grown organic harvest. They also do not offer the same nutritional value or health benefits as natural foods. Many studies are also showing that GM foods are the cause of many health complications and diseases. We at RUA say, “If we have been well sustained by non-modified foods for centuries, why change?” We would have to all agree that homemade, especially country style cooking with organic unmodified ingredients is clearly the better alternative. We will also endeavour to protect the rights of farmers who have retained organic seeds and will not conform to global pressures to alter or discard their seed. We recognise God as a perfect creator and acknowledge that man cannot and should not tamper with His perfect recipe.

Q: Job Security – How can you guarantee Australian’s job security and increase Australian jobs?A: We will endeavour to Restore and Re-invigorate Australian manufacturing industries. We have several strategies to do so which include but are not limited to:

1) Maintain a minimum 51% share of Australian owned infrastructure and Land.
2) Decrease and stop many incoming imports of various products which we can easily make here from better materials and with a superior quality. This also includes re-introducing and re-imposing tariffs on imports.
3) Help the retail industry by coming against powerful monopolies which completely destroy small business and creating a more equitable business landscape. This includes standing against the UN international money fund.
4) Stop government subsidies and black budget operations that support business groups with special interest to governmental members or other shadow governmental bodies international or domestic.
5) Decentralisation > reinforcing rural and regional employment. We encourage a move to decentralise our labour markets which will encourage private sector jobs (tourism, co-tourism, abattoirs, timber mills etc.) in rural and regional Australia. We aim to achieve this through small business incentives, supportive transport, telecommunications, tariff policies and measures that reduce costs of congestion in major cities.
6) To establish full employment and fair wages as central tenants of just social and economic policies. To favour a move away from a 45% casual workforce.

Q: Mining & Mining Tax – What stand are you taking regarding mining, the mining tax and its effect on the environment and public health?A: We aim to completely abolish the Mining Tax, as it heavily impedes on Australia’s greatest driving force for economic prosperity. The mining industry has significantly carried Australia through many economic issues and provided a strong foundation from which to build Australia. Strict Environmental Impact Statements stipulating conditions and rules for safe mining will be enforced to protect the environment and people. Where we can we will aim to move mines far away from populated communities to rural areas with minimal or no residency. This will ensure minimal threat to the health of Australians whilst also protecting assets. Protecting mining profits and assets from foreign takeover is another key point which ties into our policy of foreign business ownership.

Q: Poor & Needy – What will you do for the poor and needy given your Christian heritage?A: All elected Members of Parliament for RUA Party are encouraged to donate a percentage of their salary to the poor and the needy. We will also support all credible charities and ministries who help the poor, homeless and widows.

Q: Taxation and CARTELS – What will you do about the increasing trend of unjust taxation, levies, duties, charges and imposts pressuring Australian families? What will you do regarding Cartel like companies, organisations, franchises pushing the average Australian business out of the market place through price fixing, black budget operations and under the table corruption?A: We will protect and enhance the right to private property and private ownership by working towards the dismantling of all unjust taxation, levies, duties, charges, and imposts against the family home, family farm and business, and to empower individuals to effectively defend their homes, farms and businesses, and to ensure that economic, psychological and physical violence against any person entity or property is a felonious act; this includes antitrust legislation that prevents cartels unfairly raising prices and limiting competitors (e.g. Coles, Woolworths, Telstra and NBN).

Q: Wages – What will you do to stop under-paid employees and wages being paid below the award rates?A: We at Rise up Australia party will push for the establishment of full employment and fair wages as central tenets of a just social and economic policy. This includes genuine decentralisation that encourages private sector jobs (tourism, eco-tourism, abattoirs, timber mills etc.) on rural and regional Australia through small business incentives and supportive transport, telecommunications, and tariff policies and that reduces the cost of congestion in major cities.






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