Q: How will RUAP bring about support for Australian farmers and producers?A: Using a two pronged strategy we will seek to minimize or completely ban foreign imports of fruit and vegetables to give our farmers the majority of the Australian agricultural market share. Secondly we will endeavour to make it increasingly difficult for mainstream supermarkets to squeeze Australian brands off our shelves and to offer inferior/ cheaper brands. Imposing tariffs on incoming produce and products will also help the cause of farmers drastically. We also intend to increase the supply of water to the farmers. These policies will be released a bit closer to the election.

Q: Foreign Investment in our Land – What are you going to do about our increasing demand on Australian Land and Land or infrastructure sold to foreign investors?A: We will aim to legalise and support a minimum of 51% Australian owned land and infrastructure. We will push to stop, or curtail the sell-out, of our farming land, business, media and utilities, among other infrastructures and corporations to overseas buyers with overseas interests. For example just recently 100,000 hectares of farming land in South Australia was bought by Saudi Arabia. We are concerned, that if current trends continue, our children will wake up on a land foreign-owned and we will have to rely on a third party to live on our own land.

Q: Genetically modified (GM) foods – What will be done to curtail the increasing momentum towards GM (Genetically modified) foods and other artificial based foods?
A: The Rise up Australia Party acknowledges that seeds, plants and animals should remain genetically untouched and should not be genetically altered. We do not support the increasing tide of GM foods, flooding into the market place all around Australia and will make moves to curtail such foods. We will push for legislation that will criminalise and terminate all genetically altered seed and foods, and especially push for seed stocks to remain organic. We support fully the right of all animals to remain genetically uncontaminated. We recognise that GM foods may look better to the eye but certainly do NOT taste the same or (in many cases) as good, to naturally grown organic harvest. They also do not offer the same nutritional value or health benefits as natural foods. Many studies are also showing that GM foods are the cause of many health complications and diseases. We at RUA say, “If we have been well sustained by non-modified foods for centuries, why change?” We would have to all agree that homemade, especially country style cooking with organic unmodified ingredients is clearly the better alternative. We will also endeavour to protect the rights of farmers who have retained organic seeds and will not conform to global pressures to alter or discard their seed. We recognise God as a perfect creator and acknowledge that man cannot and should not tamper with His perfect recipe.

Q: How do you propose we can re-gain our degraded and largely “sold out” manufacturing industry? Will tariffs play a part?A: The Rise up Australia Party seeks to abolish excessive and unnecessary tariffs imposed on industries. We aim to develop practical tariff policies to support and re-establish all types of manufacturing industries especially those industries which are technologically rich and currently heavily taxed. Imposing a range of national system economic policies, such as those advocated by Deputy Prime Minister John McEwen; prudent tariffs could be used for example to provide a truly, “level playing field” by recognising that Australian industries (and farms) incur costs in complying with OH+S, industrial relations and environmental laws of Australia but that some overseas competitors do not incur such costs. We will impose levies on the flood of incoming foreign imports of goods from overseas which are selling out our industries and shipping jobs overseas. This in turn will discourage and decrease imports of all sorts giving precedence to Australian industry growth. We want to support Australian owned products and foods. This relates with the RUA policy to reduce or completely stop foreign imports of fruit and Vegetables. At RUA we recognise the inferior quality of many products which come from overseas when compared to Australian goods and services. It should also be noted that most if not all products which come into our land can be produced here in Australia. We believe in protecting Australian jobs at all costs. Rise up Australia and keep Australia’s manufacturing industry Australian!




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