Do Black Lives Matter to African Americans?

Let’s change the subject from, ‘Black Lives Matter’ to, ‘Do Black Lives Matter (BLM) to African Americans’?

Just a little bit of searching on the internet has brought up some interesting facts. Research is so good. It can save us from some very embarrassing moments. Before we go jumping on anybody’s bandwagon it would be good to know if what they are spruiking off about at rallies is in fact the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Here are just a few facts and figures I found that back up what an incredibly mature, African American young man, Joel Patrick, speaks on in the video link below. (1)

* Killed by police in the U S in 2019:
235 black people (African Americans, who were mostly armed), 370 white people.

Killed by police in the U S in 2018:
209 African Americans, (who were mostly armed), 399 white people.

Killed by police in the U S in 2017:
223 African Americans, (who were for the most part armed), 457 white people.

White Caucasians make up 60% of the U S population.

Only 13% of the U S population are African Americans, yet they commit over 55% of the total crime. But the black males who are only (6%) of that African American population commit most of those crimes.

African Americans in NYC alone (24%) are responsible for 75% of all shootings, and 62% of the murders. White or Caucasians on the other hand only committed 3% of the murders, leaving 35% to the other many racial groups.

Black people are more likely to be killed or injured  by their own kind, than any other ethnic group.

In Minneapolis city the statistics show that 94% of all black men are killed by black men.

Regarding the BLM movement, one must ask is there an agenda here that we may have missed? Maybe there is a clue in the latest plans put out by the Minneapolis City Council, who say they are wanting to dismantle the police force in that city. This city is a Democrat stronghold in a Democrat state, that says they want to save black lives by dismantling the police force. Really? If that is not the most twisted and ludicrous statement, I don’t’ know what is?  Not only would black people be in a lot more danger, no lives would matter if that course of action were to be taken up.

What is the agenda? It seems like they just want to create anarchy to bring down the Government, and they are using the lie** of the Black Lives Matter  movement to suffice their intentions.  Just a guess on my part; but I think it is worth looking into!

** The lie of the BLM movement is that ‘Black Lives’ do not matter to white people! 

Please take some time to listen to Joel Patrick, the young African American who speaks with  impeccable clarity, the plain and simple truth, exposing in this video (below), the hypocrisy of those caught up in these BLM protests.

      *   The presenter of this video says the BLM movement is based on a lie.


He was called a self hater for saying this.Follow The Lutchman Report If You support him.

Posted by JoelPatrick on Saturday, 6 June 2020

Written by Yvonne Gentle.

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