Chinese suppression is not just in China!

By Yvonne Gentle

Hong Kong is paying the price for China’s hatred of Democracy as China continues to crush their voice and democratic lifestyle. Pictured below, We see that the people of Hong Kong (HK) took to the streets last year, marching for their basic human right to be heard.

Reflecting back, let’s look at what happened on the 4th of June 1989, at Tiananmen Square, Beijing.  China had a problem when thousands of students filled the square to protest as part of a national movement which was sometimes called the Democratic Movement. To solve the problem China sent in the army and coldly mowed down with tanks at least 10,000 young people.* These figures came via secret diplomatic cable from the then British ambassador to China, Sir Alan Donald. Of course, China’s official telly reported that only 200 civilians and a few dozen security personals died on that day.

Likewise, in 2019 China had another problem – Hong Kong! China needed to stop the rebelliousness of their free-spirited Hong Kong subjects.

Hong Kong posed a real threat to China’s image!

This island surely was an embarrassment for mainland China who could not cover up what was happening,  like they had the brutal actions taken to stop the Tiananmen Square protests. So, they would have to come up with more acceptable tactics to control the HK riots. Fortunately for them, ‘COVID-19 came to the rescue’, the whole world fell into ‘Survival mode’ and miraculously Hong Kong quietened down!

It is interesting that COVID-19 started in China, and it is generally accepted now, that it was a virus developed in the Wuhan laboratories. For what purpose, we might ask?  

Also generally agreed is that the official virus figure of 85,600 odd cases resulting in 4,646(1) deaths is grossly understated. Inside sources say the figures relating to those who have contracted the disease in China is known to be in the millions. If 10 million were affected by the virus the figures would be more likely 100,000 deaths, and that is based on conservative data (1% death rate).(2) 

But at least there is one thing China, can be grateful for. It seems that due to the virus Hong Kong has settled down at least for now! Interesting, isn’t it??

The sad and concerning truth of the matter is; China is not only willing to kill and maim her own citizens to achieve her goals, but has her poisonous, greedy destructive fingers in the ‘pie’ of democracy worldwide, interfering with freedom of speech, political elections,  banking, money lending and ownership of many a nation’s infrastructure; not to mention her influence in the far left movements that are circulating the world as we speak. 

The planet is going crazy with promoting what was once considered socially unacceptable, and minority movements just 50 years ago. Now the far left is spruiking their beliefs from the high places, and if anyone dare to express an opinion in opposition to them, they are quickly labelled a racist before their concerns are even considered.

“These (movements and) protests are designed to undermine, and then in the end to destroy society as we know it and our Hong Kong friends are feeling it”, says Sky News. (July 15, 2020)

For more detailed info on what I have been discussing please click link below to watch a sky news broadcast – which gives us more truthful news reporting, for a change.


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  2. Mainland China has a population of 1.3 billion.

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