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Isn’t it time Trial by Media stopped?

In yesterday’s Age News, I see the ongoing saga of Christian Porter’s allegations  has risen again!  Did he or did he not rape a 16-year-old girl 33 years ago? The Age reads: “Police take formal statement from former boyfriend of Porter rape accuser … NSW Police investigators have taken a formal statement from a former boyfriend of…

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If we are uncertain of our right, or we don’t think we have the last say on what we do, take a look at these videos. You may be surprised to know that you still do have a legal say over your own personal values and wishes and what, officially still requires your consent according…

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President Donald Trump made a fantastic speech at the annual (CPAC)

President Donald Trump made a fantastic speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), his first since leaving the White House. He declared that his ‘America First’ movement is not over. President Trump said that  Joe Biden had the “most disastrous first month of any president in modern history…. Who knows, I might even…

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How sad it is to see a man with a conscience leave the liberal party

Craig Kelly has been an inspiration to many of us who just don’t want to swallow what Governments, drug and vaccine companies, and the so-called health authorities are trying to brain wash us with. Mr Kelly has stood for freedom to speak out according to one’s conscience. It used to be OK in this country…

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Ps Paul Furlong asks people to stand with him to fight for our Constitutional rights.

Yesterday I went to stand with Ps Paul in response to a plea from him on social media for people to support him and our constitutional freedoms and rights.  He has been continually harassed by police over past months for not exercising some Lockdown and Covid ‘laws’.

What is happening to our world?

Our world is falling down that slippery slide like there is no speed limit. It isn’t a gradual fall anymore. Our western society has become very brazen with seemingly no conscience of what is right or wrong. The Elite and the rich and powerful manipulate governments and power-hungry individuals/politicians to obtain their goals.

Celebrating Australia Day at RHFM

People from more than 20+ nations who call Australia home, came together to thank God and pray for our nation and the world. God Bless our Great South Land of the Holy Spirit – Australia.

CIA whistle blower implicating Obama, Biden and Hillary Clinton

Trump Silent Running

Introducing an article from Dan Denning on financial matters.

Introducing an article from Dan Denning – Twitter: @RumRebellionAus First of all, my thoughts on this article from Twitter: @RumRebellionAus Written – Mon, 11 Jan 2021 at 11:21 I would like to say that I have become increasingly aware of the lack of accountability in the financial market, political arena, and the business and political…

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