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President Daniel Nalliah on Radio and live Webcast

President Daniel Nalliah was on Radio and live Webcast Wednesday 12th of February from 7pm and 8pm. You can watch him on YouTube


Holding fragile reality in my hands By Rosalie Crestani My previous article detailed my personal pain and grief of losing a baby 17 years ago. I also discussed the definition of potential, particularly relating to an unborn baby. Feel free to have a look at that article too. That story began with the day my…

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Historic Middle East Peace Plan

US President Donald Trump released his historic Middle East peace plan yesterday, 28th January 2020, which is referred to the “deal of the century”. President Trump negotiated with Israel to revive the long-stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process. The Palestinians refused to participate. This deal has now been rejected by the Palestinians. Please click on the links below to…

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Blame it on the Climate Phobia … and it’s “magic spell’ by: Yvonne Gentle

The Blame Game – this year is centred on the fires! As I considered some of the recent news articles on ‘Australia Burning’ The words of a song came bouncing into my thoughts. Some of you may remember the 60’s song ‘Blame it on the Bossa nova’, a 1963 hit single for Eydie Gormé; it became an idiom at the…

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A good article in the Age newspaper of 13th January 2020

Some of Australia’s most extreme Christian-right parties have withdrawn from politics, claiming the election of Prime Minister Scott Morrison had rendered them redundant. This week the Victorian-based Rise Up Australia leader said the political party was deregistered after the May election because Mr Morrison’s Christian values “mirrored” many of its own. Read More

Marriage and Parenting Seminar

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Thank you, Israel Folau – $8,000 000 for Freedom of Speech; It’s cheap!

  Rise Up Australia congratulates Israel Folau, his wife Maria and all those who have supported him over the past months on his victory – A momentous win for freedom of speech for all Australians, who have once again won the right and the freedom to express their beliefs. The actual cost to the Australian…

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It is not common knowledge, but my first pregnancy was unplanned…  Yet that didn’t matter; we were excited about having our first little one. I remember an early ultrasound. The baby was 8½ weeks old. I recall the cold stony look on the face of the sonographer when, emotionless, she turned to me and said,…

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Are we ready for a One Word Leader and world Control???

(1) Is our current Government the real Governmental authority over us? Or do our well-meaning politicians, who make it to the top find themselves with little power as they realise, they are just a cover for something much more sinister? This is the scenario that Mr David Icke presents in a video link (2) (below) which…

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Snapshot of Multicultural Australia

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