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News Article About Rosalie Crestani

Here’s a link to an article published by Daily Mail about Rosalie Crestani. View Article

‘Preacher pushes assimilation message’

Dear friends, Please read and share the following newspaper article titled ‘Preacher pushes assimilation message’, featuring RUAP national leader & Victoria #1 Senate Candidate Daniel Nalliah.

Make Sharia Law Famous

Danny Nalliah—Won our Battle for Free Speech Against Islam

THE BACKGROUND: In 2002 the Australian province of Victoria under LABOR, passed the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act. which:- “prohibits conduct that incites hatred, serious contempt, revulsion or severe ridicule of a person or group of people based on religious belief. “ This was a subjective law (“offence” coming from emotions) not an objective law…

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Not everyone likes their ‘Greens’, especially when they can be so distasteful by saying one thing then doing another. John Safran epitomised this with satirical genius when he exposed how The Greens spout ‘multicultural’ ‘racial’ tolerance yet their candidates and seated members are wrapped in a sea of ‘vanilla’; in other words, it appears a…

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Footage from the Australian National Flag Solidarity Walk in Melbourne

Please watch this video footage taken from today’s peaceful rally in Melbourne whereby many Australians united together to stand up for the protection of our Aussie Flag. VOTE 1 Rise Up Australia Party and Keep Australia Great for generations to come!

Successful and Peaceful Australian Flag Rally in Melbourne

Contrary to what the media says, the rally outside the old Melbourne Exhibition Center was one of the most peaceful rally’s we have attended. It was an absolute honor to be there and see many people uniting together and making a stand to protect our Aussie Flag. National President of RUAP and No.1 Senate Candidate…

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Safe School program is a disaster/ Come and hear the Mum who has taken on the fight for our children

Dear friends, DO NOT MISS THIS NIGHT!! Literally there has been a war declared against our children in our school system and this mum has taken on the fight. The attached link just in a few days have had 425,000 views and more than 1000 shares on Facebook.

RUAP How to Vote Cards & New App (for mobile phone) available at / RUAP Documentary on SBS TV at 8:30pm this Sunday 26th June / 7 Million Hits in 20 days

Dear friends, 1) RUAP has some new exciting news that there’s not need to worry about picking up a ‘How To Vote Card’ at the polling booth as you may access this same information electronically at or by downloading the new RUAP app for mobile phone, tablets, etc.

RUAP Launch / National Secretary’s Speech on Tax

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