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What’s Next ?

The Wuhan lab has the largest virus bank in Asia! Below is the Wuhan lab which is at the heart of the US-China virus spat. The following information has been sourced from various news outlets, to update as many as possible on the other side of the story. We have been bombarded on most media…

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Religious Growth

Some interesting statistics sent to us by a member. You will need to click on the video to view the short message. We researched and according to Wikipedia, Islamic world population reached 1.8 billion in 2015.

Anti-Muslim Rise Up party scores top Senate spots in NSW and Queensland

A right-wing anti-Muslim party has secured prime position on both the NSW and Queensland Senate ballot papers. The Rise Up Australia Party uses a “Keep Australia Australian” slogan and lobbies against Islam and multiculturalism. Its leader, Sri Lankan-born evangelical pastor Rev Daniel Nalliah, came to national attention in 2007, when he won on appeal a…

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Rise Up draw first on NSW Senate ballot

Rise Up Australia has secured prime position on the Senate ballot paper in NSW, which will feature more than 100 candidates. The right-wing political party on Wednesday drew the coveted first spot on the ballot, ahead of the Liberal-Nationals in fourth place and Labor in 10th. Read more …

Australia has the resources to solve our Energy Crisis, but the Powers That Be won’t move on it.

It is said that we are paying the highest electricity prices in the world but it is not the cost of producing the power that is causing the elevated prices we pay; power is not just getting more expensive as the cost of living goes up, but instead it is the largest denominator in our…

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Why Rise Up Australia Party (RUAP) opposes Multiculturalism

Many people may think that in opposing Multiculturalism we are against immigration of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and third world nations. This is simply not the case! RUAP welcomes Multi Ethnicities from around the world. However, we do stipulate that all migrants who wish to call Australia home integrate into Australian society and respect…

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Terror Attack in Melbourne – Friday Nov 8th

Muslim ‘mental case’, as he is being labelled, Hassan Khalif Shire Ali, is not a Terrorist, rather according to his family, he was a disturbed individual who believed he was being chased by unseen people with spears. Really? How many times have we heard this excuse when a Muslim commits an act of Terror. There…

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Rosalie Crestani becomes Deputy Mayor

Our Vice President Becomes Deputy Mayor. Rise up Australia Party Congratulates their Vice President Rosalie Crestani on her most recent achievement in her political career.

Birthday Bash to Raise funds for drought-stricken Farmers!

As you are aware, country people have been finding it tough battling droughts and fires! Coming up is one of the most difficult times of the year for families on the land. Yes! Summer is approaching and with it will come souring temperatures, water shortages and minimal rain if any in some parts of the…

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Safe Schools Policy

Policy 18th of August 2018 Safe Schools Program – Victoria Rise Up Australia Party Says NO! to the Safe Schools Program (SSP) as is currently endorsed and funded by the Victorian, Andrews Labor Government. We consider that the current program is dangerous to the majority of school age children; causing gender confusion, psychological, social and…

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