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One of many Prominent professionals in the U S, Dr. Peter McCullough speaks out a very serious warning on the COVID – 19 VACCINES

Please listen to what Dr. McCullough has to say – It could save you from much pain.He is by far one of the most sensible, plain-speaking, and unemotional professional speakers I have heard. These 2 links are from the same interview. To save time you may choose just to listen to the shorter link.  (17…

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Vaccine confusion!

Recently there has been much controversy regarding the ‘Jab rollout’ There is public fear, not about getting the virus but about getting our lives back to what we are told will be normal. That is: will we ever be able to… Resume traveling overseas and interstate; entertain at home; have events like Weddings, 21st birthday parties, etc,…

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‘Slowly but surely, the people will wake up and that’s what these plutocratic elites fear the most’ 11/06/2021|9min Bernardi Podcast

When I saw this, I thought it is one of the most plain-speaking presentations on “a battle between individual liberty and centralized power”  as Cory Bernardi puts it, that I have heard, so I thought I would share as is.Please see the link below for the short presentation.Yvonne Gentle (more…)


If you are searching the Net for answers, or just doing your research you may come across some weird and wonderful claims. One should  do their best to seek out what is credible, and what is not. Regarding Covid-19 variants, this is what I found …** Much of the text in this article was taken…

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PM slams animal rights group PETA Naxakis as ‘dopey’ for calling the culling of mice during plague as ‘human supremacy’


The LGBTQ Saga has turned a corner. It’s either the ‘Frying pan or the Fire’

Trends around the world have been progressively becoming opposite to what we once regarded as normal, and this country is no exception. We are becoming more and more aware that there is, alive and well in this country, an anti heterosexual movement; very much a minority at this stage but quickly gaining momentum and influencing…

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ANZAC Day – Lest We Forget!

Anzac Day traditionally is the day we remember our fallen soldiers. Thosewho have fought in wars around the world to protect and support thefreedoms of our own beautiful country Australia, and also that of thecommonwealth nations whom we fought alongside and in support of. On ANZAC Day we should also remember the daring encounters that…

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Lest We Forget !!

Our thoughts, love and prayers with the men & women in uniform and their families.

Isn’t it time Trial by Media stopped?

In yesterday’s Age News, I see the ongoing saga of Christian Porter’s allegations  has risen again!  Did he or did he not rape a 16-year-old girl 33 years ago? The Age reads: “Police take formal statement from former boyfriend of Porter rape accuser … NSW Police investigators have taken a formal statement from a former boyfriend of…

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If we are uncertain of our right, or we don’t think we have the last say on what we do, take a look at these videos. You may be surprised to know that you still do have a legal say over your own personal values and wishes and what, officially still requires your consent according…

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