Agenda 21 to 30 is an agender that everybody needs to know about.

Rosa Koire, an expert in land use and valuations who worked for the U.S government in the capacity of acquiring land for them, talks about Agender 21 -30. Ms. Koire says this UN plan is called the agender for the 21st Century, the inventory and control plan of all land, water, minerals, plants, animals, construction, and means of protection. All food, energy, information, and all human beings worldwide. This ‘plan’ was agreed to by 179 nations in 1992.

Please click on the link below to be informed.

Also below is what we believe is just part of what the UN is rolling out as part of U N agender.

Our President Daniel Nalliah was watching a very alarming news flash on Sky News yesterday. This is strong warning for us to be very careful about investments from China and the Middle East.

Please watch the link is attached.

It makes you wonder if Daniel Andrews is working for the Chinese government. Melbourne used to be the world’s most livable city for several years. The question now is, has it become the most unlivable city in the world?

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