A Special Message from RUAP

I am writing to you as a valued member of Rise Up Australia Party. Every year at the end of May we send out letters asking Members to renew their Membership Support.

Last year we made some amendments to our membership status as members become confused if they had not paid their twelve-monthly renewal fee, thinking that they are no longer members. This is not the case’ our policy is that one remains a member unless having resigned their membership.

What we now do is send out annual letters asking Members to support the party by paying an annual subscription, this can be any amount they like starting from $25 for a single person or $35 per couple, students $15 and pensioners, $20 a single or $30 per married couple. We call this your annual Membership support contribution. Members that contribute to the party in this way even though the amount may be basic will be known as full voting members, and those who have not subscribed will be known as associate members yet will still possess real membership.

Full membership entitles you to vote at Party meetings and to be elected or appointed to office bearer positions, subject to the Party Constitution.

Please ensure that you keep your membership contact details up to date with our office, so that we can keep in touch with you.

Why do we need Full Members and financial support? ……. Like any organisation or entity, we need members to bring in ideas and to help us make decisions; we need them for support and financial assistance, as the money that comes in from members is of utmost significance in helping us to, keeping the office manned and helping us to maintain costs. Probably the most important aspect of General Membership is that we are required to have members by both National and State government bodies, that oversee political parties. If we do not have enough members it is harder to operate as a party,

If you have paid a renewal fee in April or May this year there is no requirement to pay another subscription and you should have received a new membership card. If you do not hold a membership card at all or have lost it and would like us to resend one to you please either ring me or email me (details below) and we will mail out your membership card to the address you have given us.

Our policy principles, news, and items of interest are on our website and we invite you to browse the site to keep informed of our news and views. www.riseupaustralia.com.au

The Victorian state election will be held on the 24th of November this year and the Federal election, we expect will be around April 2019. As you can see there will be plenty for us to be working on from now on.

If any of our Members feel they would like to be a candidate for any of these elections, please contact me; my contact details are below.

On behalf of our National President, Daniel Nalliah and the Executive of Rise Up Australia Party, thank you for your support; we pledge to work tirelessly and fearlessly to achieve our aims and to KEEP AUSTRALIA GREAT.

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