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8 prominent doctors & scientists engage in a remarkable exchange

The Unvaccinated Are Looking Smarter Every Week By Thomas T. Siler, M.D.

Article taken from … October 25, 2021 There is a massive propaganda push against those choosing not to vaccinate against COVID-19 with the experimental mRNA vaccines.(more…)

Australia has a new Covid Drug


Vaccines side Affects

Of course, we were expecting them, but did anyone think they would be so bad and so many, yet our Government does nothing but to encourage their citizens to take the Jab – something the government knows has a risk in harming and even killing them; if not this week maybe the next, even next…

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Is the Earthquake a sign from God/Warning to Scott Morrison? – Pr Daniel Nalliah (Sermon only)

“Governments worldwide were instructed to close down their economies”

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky Says “Governments worldwide were instructed to close down their economies as a means to protecting people against the pandemic. March 11, 2020, was the official date at which the pandemic was declared. … But bear in mind this is an act on the part of the financial establishment to create absolute chaos…

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