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President Trump will take an appeal to the Federal Supreme Court on election fraud!

The purpose of this post is to Update all with world news, namely what is happening in America.  What happens in the USA will and is affecting the world and in particular our own country. We watch with keen interest, because it is not just about on what side of the political spectrum you stand,…

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Pr. Daniel Nalliah anoints President Trump for another 4 years as President of America

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood Promise There’s a Ton of Voter Fraud

JOHN NOLTE-16 Nov 2020 First of all, before we hear what This woman has to say, here is a little research on her: words highlighted in red are links and may be clicked on for further information. Filiz Mustafa presents: Sidney Powell has been confirmed as one of the lawyers on Donald Trump’s legal…

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Trump set up Democrats in Sophisticated Sting Operation

It’s Not Over On U S television, “Infowars guest and intelligence expert Steve Pieczenik broke bombshell news during Thursday’s broadcast of War Room with Owen Shroyer”. Allegedly “Hidden, trackable watermarks were put onto (the US) ballots so they could be verified if necessary”. “This is really a sting operation, contrary to what everyone else said,”…

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As I was praying at 3.30am this morning. 3 words kept flashing in front of my eyes “IT’s NOT OVER “
1) Daniel in the lions 🦁 den- everyone thought – it’s over.
2) The 3 Hebrew boys in the Furnace of fire. Everyone thought – it’s over.
3) Jesus on the cross- Everyone thought – it’s over….

Trump sting with former CIA Director Dr. Steve Pieczenik: The biggest election fraud in history

FINAL COUNTDOWN: Viganò’s Urgent Letter to Trump Before Election 2020

A Flag Flying High

Like a flag flying high overThe land that I loveAre the words pounding outAs if spoken from above Lest we Forget, lest we Forget, Words strong and clear Are Cemented  in my heart as Iponder that special year Click here to read full poem

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