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Let my people go!

Dictator Dandolf has locked everyone up by convincing the people “its good for you”. Like Adolf he has used fear propaganda to brainwash the people of Victoria into believing there is a terrible foe in the world that he will eradicate for their best good, & thus be their Saviour. The Solution? At the National…

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Meet some of the Brave people who are standing up for Victoria and the freedom of all Australians

As you are aware, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews recently extended the state of emergency powers in Victoria for a further period of 6 months and has used them to prolong the stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne. He has also released a ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown with objectives that are largely unattainable. The Herald Sun News…

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President Trump will be re-elected in 2020 / Warning to Australia’s PM – an important 5 minute video by Pr Daniel Nalliah

Pr Daniel Naliiah Prophesied that Donald Trump will be re-elected as President of the US, in November this year. He also said that there will be an amazing advance for the Kingdom of God in the next 4 years. Pr Daniel also had a Word for PM Scott Morrison. He asked PM Morrison to take…

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A Liberal Democratic Party MP bravely speaks out in the Victorian Parliament.

David Limbrick, a Liberal Democratic Party MP has been a member of the Victorian Legislative Council since 2018, He speaks out before the Vic. MPs extended Daniel Andrews State of Emergency for another 6 months. What he has to say is an attempt to express the pain that the people in his electorate are feeling…

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