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Molly talks about legality about Government restrictions and mandatory interventions

The World Economic Forum and their plan to RESET the world!

The World Economic Forum (WEF) held their 50th annual conference this year in Davos Switzerland, which happened to be its place of birth in 1971. So, What! You might say. Well let’s look a little closer…

Is Daniel Andrews worried about our wellbeing or are there other things more … pressing on his mind??

Every day he appears on the TV very cool, calm and collected, and apparently  concerned about his Victorian public, while implementing life changing radical restrictions as if he is Victoria’s saviour. However, by the time we have finished with this state of disaster and a lockdown for 6 weeks (that is if it is 6…

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Asks Rise up Australia President, Dr Daniel Nalliah. Continuing he says, “if you love your children, grandchildren, and the land you are blessed with, America, Australia, Britain, etc. RISE UP NOW! Or it might be a bit late when the problem is on YOUR DOORSTEP.

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