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Do Black Lives Matter to African Americans?

Let’s change the subject from, ‘Black Lives Matter’ to, ‘Do Black Lives Matter (BLM) to African Americans’? Just a little bit of searching on the internet has brought up some interesting facts. Research is so good. It can save us from some very embarrassing moments. Before we go jumping on anybody’s bandwagon it would be…

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Who said, Black Lives do not matter.

Are White Americans Racist? by Pr Daniel Nalliah

Let’s Boycott China!

Some  important Facts that you may not know about China. Australia’s China Problem From 1998 to 2000 My Daughter was living and working in Mainland China.She said: “If you want something, it’s not what you know here, but who you know. People buy…*Their qualifications.*Drivers licenses.”On the economy…*“The Chinese financial market is set to boom.*China is…

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