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Two great days to remember and Never Forget

This week, on April 21st– we had a solemn Hebrew day of remembrance Yom HaShoah in Australia (Holocaust Remembrance Day). The Israeli flag was lowered to half-staff, and prayers recited.  Six Holocaust survivors lit the six torches that symbolize the Six Million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust under Hitler’s Final Solution. Right:   Auschwitz – The…

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Eastern Freeway crash: Porsche driver charged after allegedly fleeing scene where four police officers were killed

Eastern Freeway crash: Four police officers killed after pulling over Porsche in horror on Melbourne freeway. Our thoughts, love and prayers are with the families of these 4 police officers.   Click here to read the full article

It is official! Our money is good as Gold.

How many times have we heard lately that money can carry the COVID- 19 virus or have gone to pay cash for an item and been pointed to a sign that says we only accept debit or credit cards. The World Health Organization (WHO) was accredited to have said that cash  was one of the…

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Sharing an email from CitizenGO

Below is an interesting article sent to me in an email from CitizenGO (1) There is no illusion to where the world is heading on the abortion front. I can’t help but wonder if New York could possibly be getting a payback for all the unborn innocent lives they continue to slaughter daily.  Did you…

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Staying fit and healthy, not panicking, and staying calm! is imperative to fighting any virus. There is still currently a lot of fear around the COVID-19 Virus, but I feel that people have been adjusting and are settling into a more disciplined lifestyle where they now realise that being careful and taking  the needed precautions is working. Less people are becoming infected and as a result lives…

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Australia’s PM praying and reading the bible.

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