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Ps Daniel Nalliah’s Father’s Day message.

To all the dear fathers, I wish you a very happy Father’s Day, and may God bless you abundently. This little video clip touched my heart, I hope it will a blessing to you too. Dear families, love and celebrate your father while he is still around. One  thing I deeply regret, is not doing…

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A Country is Known by How They Treat Their Own

The Broken Human Rights Record: China Vs Australia By Rosalie Crestani I have long been concerned by the current and historic horrific human rights record of the Chinese government, as the greatest reason to be cautious in local community dealings linked to China, whether in economic or cultural partnerships. Economic partnership with the aim to…

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On the Topic of Abortion

Currently in NSW they are deliberating over the… ‘Reproductive Healthcare Reform Bill’ 2019 which has been passed in the Lower House and is as yet, to be passed in the Upper House. As this bill is not yet law there is hope that the Upper House will vote with compassion and for justice, recognising the…

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