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NEW ENGLAND NSW – Donald Cranney

Why should Rise Up Australia Party run a Candidate for the New England by-election?

The short answer is: We found a passionate, down to earth man in Donald Cranney, who is prepared to work hard to MAKE FARMING GREAT AGAIN in this country. Donald, who owns two farming properties, recalls the days when his beloved homestead was the hive of activity. Today it remains empty and in need of…

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It was disappointing last week to receive the news that the Australian people who voted  in the survey on whether we should change the definition of marriage, supported the inclusion of SSM into the laws that define marriage. Our members may be saddened  and feel disheartened by this result as was our initial reaction; however…

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Donald Cranney Biography: Candidate for New England

Donald Graham Cranney was born in Goondiwindi on the first of March, 1945. At 6 years of age his father had a serious heart attack and was told if he kept working on the land he would be dead in nine months. He therefore decided to retire to Toowoomba, but his retirement lasted only three…

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Attention please all RUAP Members and Interested Persons. The Rise Up Australia Ltd AGM will be held at 11:am to 1pm this coming Saturday the 18th of November. Venue: RUAP Head office. Address: 30 Star Crescent, Hallam. Vic 3803 Lunch will be provided after the meeting. Please email Yvonne by Friday 17th of November if…

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Donald Cranney from Yelarbon is the Rise Up Australia candidate in the New England by-elections

Members and Friends, We are very excited to inform you that a member, Donald Cranney from just north of the QLD boarder is going to run In the New England by-election for Rise Up Australia Party. Donald is a true blue Aussie and a passionate farmer who loves the land and cares about what is…

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Rise Up Australia Party represented & witnessed the deep collective reflection which defined Australia’s enduring determination to this day, to face any challenge, any threat and overcome. President Dr Daniel Nalliah and Deputy President Rosalie Crestani, Western Australia State President Anthony Hardwick along with various other team members and supporters, 55 strong with 3,000 fellow…

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