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RUA Power

Rise Up Australia Party appreciates the relentless, good work and noblesse oblige of all our volunteers and workers over the past fortnight of pre-polling anèd this, election, day. Although the major parties had decades’ strong traditional financial resources, traditional values and manners were so often short changed on the Socialist side. Despite the fiscal limitations, RUAP…

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TEN YEAR MORATORIUM ON ISLAMIC IMMIGRATION says Rise Up Australia Party Leader Daniel Nalliah

27th November 2014 Rise Up Australia leader and RUAP Legislative Council candidate for the South-Eastern Metropolitan Region, Daniel Nalliah has committed his Party to a Ten Year Moratorium on Islamic Immigration.

Gone too far?

The Annual CONSULTATIVE COUNCIL ON OBSTETRIC AND PAEDIATRIC MORTALITY AND MORBIDITY REPORT show 378 Victorian babies were terminated in their last trimester; 183 of these late term babies were not sick, injured or deformed. They were perfect (the oldest was 37 weeks) (Table 6.20, pg 159) Gone too far? ……………YES!

Book Launch – ‘The 21st Century Culture War in the West’ – around 150 copies sold within half and hour

Dear friends, On the weekend the book titled ‘The 21st Century Culture War in the West’ was released by Daniel Nalliah, the Author & National President of Rise Up Australia Party. Within half an hour around 150 copies, personally signed by him were sold.

Faith Leaders Unite To Protect Life, Faith & Moral Values

Media Release – For Immediate Release – 24th Monday November 2014 Rise Up Australia endorses faith leader’s statement on our shared values to save our babies, our morals, our schools and our faith Daniel Nalliah, President of Rise Up Australia Party, is one of the first party leaders publicly to endorse a remarkable joint statement (click…

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Rise Up Australia Party takes election campaign rally to Federation Square this morning, where Daniel Nalliah the leader of RUAP will launch his book against multiculturalism

Daniel Nalliah, leader of Rise Up Australia and the party’s no. 1 candidate for the Upper House in the South-Eastern Metropolitan region, will launch his new book The 21st-Century Culture War in the West at Federation Square, Melbourne, on Saturday 22 November 2014 at 11.00 am. Mr Nalliah’s new book, subtitled Multiculturalism and the danger of…

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Rev Mark Durie – 3 min MUST WATCH video on Labor & religious freedom for Victorian election

Mark Durie is an Anglican minister in Melbourne who is well known for his understanding of religious freedom issues. He has just prepared a 3 minute video clip, highlighting the huge concerns about Labor’s proposal to re-introduce laws to require Christian schools and organisations to PROVE why they need to employ Christians who share their…

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Lord Monckton stands beside Rise Up Australia

November 20, 2014- The Age – Craig Butt Lord Christopher Monckton is lending his support to the Rise Up Australia Party’s Victorian election campaign, and has helped one of their upper house candidates with her attempt to get the Casey Council to stop promoting same-sex relationships. Lord Monckton, a noted climate change sceptic and former…

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No need to discuss sexual orientation

Posted by: Joel Brooks | 20 November, 2014 You may click the link at the bottom of the article to listen to a 5 minute interview with Tom Elliot of 3AW on their website. Heterosexuality is being left out when it comes to discussion about sexual orientation, which is discrimination in itself according to Casey…

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More newspapers articles about RUAP

You may click the following links to read more newspaper articles about Rise Up Australia Party in preparation for the Victorian State Election on Saturday 29th November.

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