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Channel 7 Sunrise Program with Daniel Nalliah & Afghan Islamic Leader / Radio interview regarding opposition to Islamic mosque in Doveton, Victoria

Dear friends, 1) Following is the video link to Daniel Nalliah’s interview on Channel Seven ‘Sunrise Program’ this morning Tuesday 17th September regarding opposition to the building of an Islamic mosque in Doveton, Victoria. Please be encouraged to email or call (02) 8777 7777 to share your comments. 2) Also this morning Mr…

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SUNRISE @7.15AM ON 7 – 17TH SEPT 2013

TOMORROW MORNING @ 7.15 on 7 “SUNRISE” WILL BE ROUND 3….IN THE BOUT BETWEEN RUA’S DANIEL NALLIAH AND DAVID KOCH! TODAY in Melbourne, VCAT [Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal] saw the resumption of the Landmark case of Rise Up Australia Party’s Daniel Nalliah and his Church Ministry against the proposed, adjacent building of a very…

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A BIG THANK YOU from Rise Up Australia Party / Daniel Nalliah National President

Dear friends, May I take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU on behalf of Rise Up Australia Party to all of our faithful Candidates, Helpers, Support Teams, Office Staff and especially to all of you fellow Aussies who voted for us. Click the following link to watch my short 1 minute thank you…

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Radio Interview / YouTube clip of RUA Party Discipline Policy

Dear friends, 1) You may click the following link to listen to Daniel Nalliah’s recent interview with Glenn Ridge on MyMp radio. 2) You may click the following link to watch a brief YouTube clip of RUA Party’s Discipline Policy. Please be encouraged to share on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs,…

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A must watch 7 minute YouTube video – ‘The Negative Effects of Multiculturalism’ – by Daniel Nalliah

Dear friends, Click the following link to watch and listen to an excellent 7 minute speech on ‘The Negative Effects of Multiculturalism’ given by Daniel Nalliah, #1 Senate Candidate for Victoria and President of Rise Up Australia Party. It is a must watch as it will definitely challenge you to take a stand at…

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RUAP Media Coverage on 2CC Radio Canberra, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Canberra Times and Herald Sun Newspapers

Dear friends, 1) You may click the following link to listen to a recent radio interview about RUAP Father’s Day Campaign that Pr Daniel did with Mike Welsh on 2CC Talkback Radio Canberra. 2) You may click the following links to read some very interesting articles about RUAP Campaign that appeared in major newspapers…

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Father’s Day & Footy Campaign Meetings Great Success / 2.7 million hits on RUAP website in the past 30 days

Dear friends, 1) Over the past few weeks, Rise Up Australia Party teams have campaigned outside the AFL games in Melbourne, including Essendon vs. Richmond last Saturday night. It was such a fantastic time of campaigning, and we successfully gave out thousands of RUAP brochures. As tens of thousands of people packed the street, there…

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Brief YouTube clips of ‘Daniel, The Man I Know’

Dear friends, You may click the following links to watch brief YouTube clips of ‘Daniel, The Man I Know’ & RUA Party Policy on Same-Sex Marriage. (Daniel, The Man I Know) Please be encouraged to share on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.

Media Release: John Anderson former Deputy PM lashes out at Minor Parties / speaks to Daniel Nalliah President of RUAP

General Immediate Media Release 2nd September 2013 The former Deputy PM lashed out at minor parties and their preference deals calling it a ‘Spider web of back room deals.’ This is what he stated in his email dated 30th August, “Last week 36 parties lodged their preferences for the Queensland Senate. Many of them you…

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Fathers Day Message

For those who wish to view this message again it will be available on YouTube tomorrow. Happy Fathers Day!

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